Photography Students Turn Classroom Into Darkroom

By Regina Stehney

JSerra’s photography students are making creative pin-hole cameras.10-01 photo2

Out of what?

The classroom! We took the pin-hole project a step further and made the photo room light-tight by blocking out the windows and turned the whole classroom in to a “camera obscura” (dark-room).

In doing so, we actually saw Principal Mr. (Tom) Waszak and CEO Mr. (Frank) Talarico walking on the sidewalk – but they appeared to be upside down and backwards.

Cars on the 405 Freeway South appeared to be going North!

Student Dimitri Koutroulis exclaimed “I did not believe it !! Then I saw the pictures! I am still amazed!  I am so glad I was able to add photography class.”10-1 photo1

We made a “mystery’” 11×14 print of the classroom …everyone stayed still and did not move for four minutes. When it was developed we had captured an eerie hand image, with the class inside of the hand.

That is the beauty of pin-hole photography. You never quite know what image you are going to capture.