Baseball Team Suspends Practice for Two Weeks to Assist Neighboring Shea Center

By Brett Kay

Baseball coach

From Sept. 14-25, JSerra baseball players traveled across the street to the Shea Center to do their annual community service work.

Drew Strohl enjoying helping out
Drew Strohl enjoys helping out

Every day from 4:15-5:30 p.m. players took part in moving hay bales, cleaning equipment, all the way to creating a parking lot for the Shea Center’s huge fundraising barbecue. Susan Martin, director of fundraising, has called upon the JSerra baseball program for its fourth year of helping out.

Susan says, “The boys are a tremendous help for the Shea Center and for helping create a great environment for the annual barbecue.”

We put aside baseball activities for two weeks to ensure that the boys can create a positive influence for the city of San Juan Capistrano and the future riders at the Shea Center.

Pitcher Grahamm Wiest gives helping out a thumbs up
Pitcher Grahamm Wiest gives the Shea Center a thumbs up
The entire team participated
The entire team participated