JSerra Clubs Unite to Aid Haiti Post-Earthquake

By Amanda Samaan

The effects of the quake that hit Haiti on January 12 have sent shock waves around the world, hitting home with the JSerra community. Pulling at the heartstrings of students and faculty alike, everyone can do their part in support of the efforts benefiting Haiti.

The Thursday and Friday following the quake JSerra raised almost $1,100 and is continuing to do whatever it can to continue to help those in need. Several clubs on campus have different activities in February. Please take part.

French Club collected 200 pairs of shoes for Haiti earthquake survivors.

Thanks to your fantastic support, the French Club and its president, Sarah David, in conjunction with Soles 4 Souls, were able to collect more than 10 boxes of shoes – nearly 200 pairs – in just three days for the earthquake survivors in Haiti.

“It was very moving to learn of one student, in Jessica Summers’ class, who actually took off the shoes he was wearing and donated them. I’m very proud of the students’ efforts,” said Roxane Teboul.

In collaboration with the Haiti Club and its faculty moderator, Tom Jaso, students will be doing a fund-raiser for Haiti, asking fellow students and teachers to donate the money, which they normally would have spent on a lunch or coffee from Starbucks, to Haiti. Thursday, February 4 there will be a competition between the two lunch periods to raise as much money as possible, with the winning lunch receiving a special surprise for their efforts.

Lions for Africa will also be collecting money from the carpools after school, encouraging everyone to come ready to drop off when they pick up.

Thank you for your help and support. If you wish to make a donation of any kind please contact the Haiti Club adviser Tom Jaso at tjaso@jserra.org