JSerra’s Pre-Med Magnet Program to be Featured on KOCE-TV

Reporter Dave Nazar interviews Assistant Principal Eric Stroupe
Journalists from KOCE-TV’s news program “Real Orange” are working on a feature story about JSerra’s new pre-med professional magnet program.

Reporter Dave Nazar interviewed Mission Hospital CEO (and JSerra board member) Peter Bastone, Assistant Principal Eric Stroupe, junior Chloe Kempf and sophomore Daniele Perazzo at the hospital yesterday. The segment is scheduled to air for the first time Thursday.

Junior Chloe Kempf and sophomore Daniele Perazzo express their excitement about the pre-med program

Nazar asked the students why they were interested in such a rigorous program at such a young age.

“I want to help people,” said Perazzo, adding he’s “fascinated by neurology.”

Kempf said: “It’s important to have hands-on experience. Textbooks can only go so far.”

Stroupe said the program has attracted “the best of the best” and will serve students well as they prepare for college.

“Colleges want to see kids who have a passion for something,” he said. “Now they’ll be able to walk the walk.”