JSerra Community Member A Finalist in 95.9 FISHFEST Competition

JSerra President Frank Talarico has brought some exciting news to our attention. His brother, Pasquale Talarico, recently entered a contest for Christian radio station FISH 95.9. The station’s annual FISHFEST summer concert will feature a performance by the winner of the contest. Pasquale is now a qualifier and needs our votes to win. Support Pasquale by doing the following:

1) Click here or copy and paste the following link into your internet browser’s address bar: http://www.youtube.com/user/fishpromo#g/f.

2) Click on Pasquale’s song “Extraordinary” to view the video. Each time the video is viewed, Pasquale will receive points toward winning the opportunity to perform at FISHFEST. Only one vote is registered per IP address.

Thank you for supporting a member of JSerra’s extended family in this exciting opportunity.