MACY Awards Honor 13 JSerra Students

By Katherine Bade

More congratulations are due to our outstanding Fine Arts department, specifically the cast and crew of The Sound of Music, whom on May 23, 2010 participated in the 40th anniversary of the Childress MACY Awards.

The MACY Awards, or Music and Arts Commendation for Youth, was founded in 1969, and is dedicated to encouraging, recognizing and rewarding achievement and excellence in high school musical theater.

Students who participate in the MACY Awards report that receiving a MACY Award is a “life-changing” experience. The annual awards show is a celebration of the talent, hard work, dedication, energy and boundless enthusiasm of everyone who has participated in the wonderful musical theater productions of our schools. Over 100 MACY alumni have continued in professional theater and all say that High School Theater was extremely important in shaping their careers. The encouragement and recognition provided by the MACY Awards helped gifted students become successful professionals.

Here at JSerra, we garnered thirteen awards, including: Katie Yaru who won the Highest Achievement Award, Lauren Lugo, Connor Dugard, Bridget Farmer, and Alli Driver all accepted an Outstanding Achievement Award, Lea Sears, Will Anderson, Kerilynn Adams, Patrick Schoenberg, Danielle Vazquez, Giulia Arcuri, and Kallin Zehren proudly received an Achievement Award, and Chris Russo received the Bright Spot Award.

Congratulations to the Fine Arts department for bringing in countless accolades to JSerra this year. The JSerra community looks forward to seeing what is in store for all of our talented students next year through the guidance of our wonderful staff.