AP English Puts On A Show

By Katherine Bade

JSerra’s first annual AP English Breakfast Theater was performed in the Center Room this past week. Our community had the chance to stop by and watch the students’ hard work and creativity in action.

The event was a great success and served as the final for Miss Carter’s AP English Literature class.

The students were assigned to choose a character from a novel they read this year and portray whom they chose in all aspects. They orchestrated appropriate dress for the character and acted as the character as well.

The students were divided into groups and with the rest of their group mates they designed a table, brought food, and provided entertainment that correlated with the book. This innovative technique helps to inspire the student to learn more about literature while also gaining knowledge of the time period in which the novel was set.

It is this type of creativity from teachers and students that sets JSerra apart from rival high schools.

Some highlights of the breakfast were Joey Hughes and Steven Summers performance of magic tricks for Great Gatsby and Merissa Fernandez singing Andre Botecelli’s Con Ti Partiro for Farewell to Arms. Another creative performance was done Brittany Seibert, Kassie Dyakon, Merissa Fernandez, Ashley Jones, and Alyssa Graham who told a ghost story for Scarlet Letter.

Here at JSerra we welcome innovation and we look forward to seeing our annual AP Theater grow in the future.

Congratulations to Miss Carter and her students for a job well done!