Pep Squad Receives Numerous Awards at USA Pep Squad Camp

By Cami Proctor

The JSerra 2010-2011 Pep Squad, under the direction of spirited new Head Coach Danielle Villegas, has begun the year already achieving much success! After working hard all summer to prepare for this season, they attended USA Camp in August and came home with a bus load of awards for their efforts. These honors included multiple superior awards (the highest score) on all of their evaluations for Varsity Cheer, Freshman Cheer, Varsity Song, JV Song, and Mascots. That’s right… we have official mascots this year!

Additionally, JV Song, a new team this year, won the Most Improved Award out of 30 squads at camp! Varsity Song won the Hardest Working Award. All American Awards were bestowed upon Varsity Songleader, Jennifer Blair and JV Cheerleader, Victoria Ponder. This honor includes an invitation to visit London for a parade celebrating their excellence!

The Exaggeration Award was given to the mascots who displayed the most charisma and the strongest stage presence. Congratulations to our Lion Mascots, Allison Driver and Peter White! Allison and Peter also brought a routine to camp for evaluation and received a Superior rating! The Unity Award is most esteemed and voted on by all teams at camp. This very special award, noting a team’s spirit of charity and generosity, was given to Varsity, JV and Freshman Cheer as well as our talented Mascots.

Finally, the Spirit Stick, which is passed on to teams exhibiting the most spirit, was also awarded to JSerra on more than one occasion. This cherished award was received by JSerra twice during camp, including the final day at the awards ceremony when it became theirs to keep. The Spirit Stick honored all of our teams, Varsity, JV, and Freshman Cheer as well as Varsity Song, JV Song, and Mascots.

Congratulations to Varsity Songleaders, Annika Hathaway and Jennifer Blair who were invited to audition for the USA staff this Spring.

We are so proud of our Pep Squad and all their successes so far! We look forward to the spirit they will bring JSerra this year!