Lions Fight HIV/AIDS in South Africa

By JSerra student Ashleigh Luschei

In early November, Lions for Africa Club was blessed with a personal visit from Joanna Baker, founder of Tia’s Arms. Tia’s Arms is a charity in South Africa, providing a nurturing home for children who have been struck by HIV and so have been abandoned by their communities.

The charity raises money to send these children to school so that they may become the leaders of their society, rather than the victims.

Besides feeding and clothing them, Tia’s Arms also provides a comforting last months for children whose HIV has progressed into full-blown AIDS.

Lions for Africa joined with Tia’s Arms just this year. Tia’s Arms will be hosting a Walk for Hope. If you want to walk for these brave children, or would like to donate to Tia’s Arms, please go to This will be a great and exciting year for Lions for Africa!