JSerra Student Lends Strong Shoulder

Heather Star Gelhart explains to Dylan Noceda, (center), and Gil Jr. Tolliver, (right), how they will begin an exercise where Dylan will help Gil write a story

*Running in the current issue of the OC Register

If you met Richard Tolliver in the halls of Costa Mesa High, you’d likely encounter the 14-year-old freshman his peers know: The boy with an easy smile, mischievous eyes and happy-go-lucky spirit.

“I walk around school like this guy who has no fears. I’m that spontaneous guy, the goofy one,” says Tolliver, who played football last year.

Yet, for a long time, the boy who found his voice in the school’s Madrigal Choir, maintained an uncharacteristic silence when it came to one aspect of his life – his former homelessness.

It was a secret he didn’t reveal until a few weeks ago, when he sat down in the Lighthouse in Costa Mesa Church and opened up to a complete stranger, another 14-year-old named Stuart Young.

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