Freshman Success Moving Forward

The Freshmen Success Department would like to congratulate all the freshmen that worked & completed their CEO Lion Challenge business model.

Due to the high caliber of work & ideas this year we had 6 finalist as opposed to 4 from last year. Reference :

This year the ideas varied from Military defense weapons, ipod applications, and a non-profit teen mothers support group.

As expected the competition was very close and only 5 points separated the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

In third place Anallyce Hagopian with Vi-cure, a business that creates a cure to prevent a common virus.

In Second place Gabby Deitios with One-Card, a business that combines all credit cards into one so that one doesn’t need to carry multiple cards)

And the 2011 CEO LION CHALLENGE WINNER is: Grace Portice with College Care Baskets. A business where customers – family members can access an online site and purchase a gift basket to be mailed to a college student. The basket can contain anything from an ipod to cookies. 48 hour turn around time and no hassle for the customer who purchases the basket.

2011 CEO Lion Challenge Winner, Grace Portice

The ideas this year far exceeded the ideas from last year and the drive to win this competition as well. With all the freshmen having read the blog from last years winner Parker Wells and with the Freshmen Success teacher’s explaining that Parker can add this to his college resume as an honor/award these freshmen were all over this competition.

Siempre Adelante.