Accessories Sales Benefits Troubled Youth

*Contributed by Kevin C. Rice

Imagine being able to save troubled teens from a life of sexual exploitation or forced labor with the purchase of a bracelet, hat, or jewelry. JSerra’s Freedom Fighters, a club that promotes the sponsorship of these abused children, is selling stylish accessories to benefit sexually exploited children through

Phil Ludwig, founder of the Julian Youth Academy (JYA), partner of JSerra’s Freedom Fighters, and head of the trafficking program at JYA is working hard to remove as many girls off the streets as possible, by offering housing for over 100 girls.

Children like “Amber” are abducted daily, and abused in unthinkable ways. When they are rescued, they tend to be angry, depressed and confused, and need to be given the chance to experience love and comfort.

Freedom Fighters member, Lila Hartage is creating bracelets, homemade hats, and jewelry that will help raise money to benefit, an organization that sponsors the rescue and support of these abused children.

Many of these young girls would like to attend the Julian Youth Academy and travel camps such as Youth with a Mission (YWAM), but they lack the funds necessary for payments. “I am hoping to reach $100,000. This will hopefully give many girls tuition and help that JYA needs.” Madeleine Meyer, the club’s advisor said.

Another resource, coinciding with the accessory sales is a “Jeans Day” set for Friday, February 4th. The funds from this event will benefit the Freedom Fighters Club. Wristband sales will begin Monday Jan. 31, get yours early!

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*This story is a fictional example of a real life situation, due to the nature of the content, and identities

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