Holocaust Contest Winner Invited to Speak at National Shoah Foundation Gala

After winning the 12th annual Holocaust Art and Writing contest at Chapman University last month, Victoria Moyzis has been invited to read her entry at the Shoah Foundation’s annual gala dinner in Philadelphia on May 9th.  Sherry Bard, is an

Victoria Moyzis , Holocaust Writing Award Winner

administrator for the Shoah Foundation,  founded by Steven Spielberg as a result of his work with Schindler’s List.  The Foundation has  over 50,000 testimonies in its archive, not just from the Holocaust, but also from Rwanda and Cambodia, etc.  Its annual fundraising gala raises awareness of its educational programs.

Sherry Bard, a judge for the Chapman contest,was impressed with Victoria’s essay and her presentation.  Sherry said she “saw everyone’s jaw drop” and that “she [Victoria] was the real thing.”

As a result Victoria and her mom will be travelling to Philadelphia in May so that Victoria can read her entry aloud to the approx. 700 attendees at the gala.

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