Captain Clinkinbeard Splashes into JSerra

Being a team captain takes cooperation, patience and authority. Christine Clinkinbeard, 17, varsity team captain for JSerra’s water polo team, exudes those three things. When asked the number one benefit of water polo, she simply replied, “camaraderie.” JSerra Blog sat down with Christine to talk about summer, polo, and JSerra.


I love art, swimming, reading, and playing polo.

Summer Plans:

I coach a swim team in Talega and I’ll be playing a lot of polo.

What did you like about the camp?

I like getting to know my new teammates. I also love bonding with them and getting into shape.

Why did you choose JSerra?

I like that it is a small school where everyone feels that they have a place to fit in. It’s really home-y and easy to adjust.

What are you looking forward to most this summer/camp?

I’m looking forward to learning and improving my skills as well as bonding with the new girls. Getting to know the incoming freshman players is so important, it’s right to make them feel at home.

Best summertime memory?

Definitely going to Catalina with my two best friends that are also on the team. That was so fun.

Favorite position to play?

On defense I like guarding the 2-meter player. On offense I usually play up top at point. I like having the view of the pool and it’s easy for me to communicate effectively with my teammates from there. I’m a playmaker I guess. I like working together as a team instead of taking the first shot-off I can.

The best thing about playing for JSerra?

Besides the team we’ve formed, Coach Julie. She’s obviously amazing and has put so much into us. We never want to disappoint her and she’s always so constructive and positive. It makes me want to keep going even after I’m exhausted.