Diary of the Legends of China

Legends of China Climbing the Great Wall of China

*Part 2 of the special Legends of China blog series

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Everyone’s Chinese is continuing to improve with each passing day as
 everyone has learned how to construct even more sentences in Chinese 
such as “I am American,” and “I love you.” Today was a big and exciting day as the group had the opportunity to visit the famous
 Great Wall and climb its steep steps. There is a well-known Chinese 
proverb that states, “only when you are able to climb to the very top of
 the Great Wall will you be able to become a true hero.” This proverb holds so much meaning to the people of China, it was an honor to partake in such a moment. In the evening,
 the group watched an exciting acrobatics show with awe inspiring stunts, leaving the group more than exhausted and excited for the next days adventures.