Diary of the Legends of China

*Part three of the special Legends of China series

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The much-anticipated China and U.S. “Voice of the Future 
Leaders” Platform with Kendall Madden as the emcee from the U.S. with 500
students from Beijing’s leading high schools and universities in attendance a very productive and educational discussion with a Q&A about global 
leadership ensued.

There is no doubt the amount of knowledge that was gained during this 
time, as our adventurers asked thought provoking questions to the panel. At the end of the summit, this year’s silk banner award winners were announced:
 Bryan Maldonado (High School Student Category), Melissa Yeung (College
 Student Category), and Deron Ambler (Teacher and Faculty Category).

Three honorable mentions also went to the beautiful artwork of Jenny
 Sathrum, Qiang Wen Kuang, and Susan Levin. Today was also the very last
 Chinese class. All in all, more than 50 words and 14 phrases were
 learned in just a few days. The class ended off with a Legends of China staff member 
singing and teaching the group in Chinese a beautiful farewell song,
” You and Me,” with the theme of peace and friendship sung by Sarah
 Brightman and Liu Huan during the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing
 Olympics. Tonight is the group’s last night in Beijing as they will 
catch an early flight to Shanghai in the morning, to continue their once in-a-lifetime adventure.