Freshman Jumps Into JSerra Sports

By Ariella Rams

Jumping off a 70-foot waterfall in Jamaica may seem crazy, but to freshman Daniel Bailey (14), it’s just another day in his life. Listening to Daniel talk about school and sports, it’s easy to see why he chose JSerra to share his growing experience with.

Interests/ hobbies:

I like reading a lot and sports.

Summer Plans:

Nothing out of the ordinary, I just have to attend summer school and football camp.

What did you like about the camp?

I love the conditioning. I run track and field too, so being able to run around during football is fun for me.

Why did you choose JSerra?

JSerra has a lot of different people and opportunities. I can excel academically and physically here. The sports and education programs are what made choose JSerra.

What are you looking forward to most this summer/camp?

I’m looking to gain more knowledge on JSerra’s football and to get into better shape. I’ve been playing and watching football my entire life, so being surrounded by these other high school players and coaches will help me out a lot.

Best summertime memory?


Favorite position to play?

I am a running back and defensive end.

The one thing to look forward to during your freshman year?

I can’t wait to gain the knowledge and wisdom from my coaches. Plus being on a team for four years- I’ll make really close friends.