Lions Football returns

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Welcome, new faculty

With the new school year kicking off in just a few days, JSerra Blog caught our new faculty members during orientation with Mr. Stroupe, vice principal for Curriculum and Instruction.  “I anticipate this school year will follow in the trend we’ve established in previous years, where every year surpasses the achievements of the prior year,” Stroupe said. “We had excellent faculty retention, but the new faculty we have hired are well-equipped to exceed our expectations, which can also be said of our new freshmen class. Our new faculty members are excited about being at JSerra, and I am excited about what they are going to do in the classroom for our students.”

Welcome, esteemed faculty, new and returning.

Pictured from left to right: Kevin Clarke, religion 3, religion 4; Dawn Brander, algebra 1, geometry and AP calculus BC; Paul Jenner, filmmaking; Dave Bohmfalk, AP statistics and statistics, pre-calculus; Mark Cummings, AP studio art, AP art history; Donna Convertino, theater; Jennifer McAdam, chemistry, AP environmental science; all are joined by Mr. Stroupe.

David Eugenio looks to make a name for himself

David (right) and Casey (left) Eugenio played Pop Warner Football together.
David Eugenio plays football, just like his older brother.
He’s made the principal’s list every year, just like his older brother.
He hopes to play collegiate football, just like his older brother.
But the incoming JSerra freshman, 14, says he is not his older brother.
He plays baseball, unlike his brother; idolizes a quarterback (his brother likes a running back); and his celebrity crush is not a professional athlete.
JSerra Blog sat down with David as he finished his last day at JSerra summer training camp.
Summer plans:
My family and I are going to Las Vegas for a little vacation. I just finished baseball camp with Coach Brett Kay, and I’m in the middle of football camp right now.
Any sports-related injuries?
I have been fortunate enough not to have any injuries yet.
Do you ever feel like you’re in your brother’s shadow, since he is older and has found success in football?
No, not really. We played Pop Warner football together as kids, and it was a lot of fun. It really brought us closer together, actually. He supports and encourages me and I do the same for him. We may be competitive on the field, but at home we’re just brothers.
Do you find it hard to play both baseball and football and still be able to keep your grades up, being on the Principal’s List?
It gets tough, but it’s nice that they are opposite seasons at JSerra. So we’ll see, I guess.
What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?
The craziest thing I have ever done is tubing behind a boat at 60 mph out on the lake.
TV show: Fantasy Factory
Food: Fried chicken
Animal: Bear
Movie: The Hangover
Car: Maybach
Pro athlete: Tom Brady
Celebrity crush: Selena Gomez