Record-Setting JSerra Sophomore To Be Featured on KNBC

Mayor Gary Capata of Laguna Niguel and JSerra sophomore Ryan Pugh

JSerra sophomore Ryan Pugh has a diverse set of skills: art, shooting, fishing. You name it, he’s mastered it.

The Eagle Scout made history earlier this month, earning his astronomical 131st merit badge, making him the second Scout in  California with more than 130 Merit Badges and the fourth Scout in the Country in Boys Scouts of America history.

The mayor of Laguna Niguel recently publicly congratulated him. And next week, he’s scheduled to be featured in a KNBC-TV interview with anchor Colleen Williams.

“My favorite badges are shotgun and rifle shooting. I eventually want to go hunting in Montana and Arkansas with my family,” he said. “My least favorite badge was art.  I lack the ability to draw with any special talent, yet I love to visit various art galleries that include world history and the images of the soldiers in the combat zone.”

Troop 772 Scoutmaster Tom Clements said the entire community is proud of his accomplishments.

“Only four percent of boy scouts earn the highest rank of Eagle,” he said.

Added Ramina Kharileh: “His most recent accomplishment will be recorded in scouting and local history.”