“Beauty Perceived” Exhibit is Open at the Laguna Art Museum

JSerra photography students “Beauty Perceived” exhibit is currently showing at the Laguna Art Museum, until January 2012. See what the students had to say about their experience, with photography below:

“Photography is the greatest form of self-expression. Through photography, I can express any emotion I am feeling. It allows you to find beauty in everything, even the smallest things.” –Emilee Miller

“I have taken photography for three years and each year I discover something new about myself. Photography ones up the world and I love taking my camera where ever I go and end up with an amazing picture, A brisk stroll, shows a man walking up a path in England. I took this picture a second before the man moved out of the frame; he thought he was ruining my picture.” –Samantha Zuck

“Photography is all about your perception of the world. Every picture reflects the artist’s perception with your own perception.” –Kaitlin O’Neill

“My first year in photography has been incredible. I have learned so much about the art and myself. The best feeling ever is when your in the darkroom and the picture you develop turns out perfect. Photography is all about a personal vision and what an individual thinks is beautiful.” – Lauren Gomez

“Taking a photo is a form of magic, for it freezes time.” –Haleigh Cummings

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