Little Rock Nine Speak at Annual Black History Assembly

(pictured left to right): Terrence Roberts, Mitch Higginbotham

JSerra celebrates Black History Month with some of America’s most famous living legends, to come and share their stories with the JSerra Community, in the annual event.

Jon Gibson, gospel singer, songwriter and producer, Jon shared his experience and musical talents with an opening to the celebration with a few songs of praise.

Mitchell Higginbotham, one of the last living Tuskegee Pilots, shared his experience and love for his country, with the students. Mitchell was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, one of the nation’s highest honors, by President Bush and Congress in 2007. Mitchell is also a member of the Dana Point Historical Society.

Also in attendence to share his imfamous story was Terrance Roberts, one of the original Little Rock 9, a group of nine African-American students enrolled in an all White school, in Arkansas. Terrence shared what it was like to go to school everyday and have to fear for his life, instead of his homework.

His story touched so many JSerra students, Terrance was flooded with questions and students who wanted to know more about his challenging high school experience.

Special thanks to all of the special guests, for your time speaking to the JSerra community.