Trojan Legacy Continues With JSerra Alumnus

Carden after winning the 2011-2012 NCAA Water Polo Championships against UCLA.

Recent JSerra graduate, Macrae Carden lives the legacy of excellence as the Trojans take home the 2011-2012 NCAA Water Polo Championship.

JSerra Blog sat down with the high school All-American water polo player to talk more about the legendary four-time NCAA Championship win against local rival UCLA.

How did you get into Water Polo, and what is it about the game that you enjoy so much? 

My father played for Long Beach State and he directed me to the game, when I was 11. 
Water Polo is the toughest sport in the world, and I love the strategy it takes to be a competitive player.

How does playing at the collegiate level differ from the high school level?  The game is so much more faster and physical.

What was it like to win an NCAA championship your first year playing at the collegiate level? 

After we won the junior Olympics 21 and under national championship, I hurt my shoulder bad.  It took 6 weeks to re-hab to start shooting the ball again.  I was able to red-shirt this year and get another year in my eligibility.   We have a very strong team in 2012 and will be back playing for another championship.

How do you balance water polo and school? 

You need to learn how to schedule every minute of the day.  Organization is the key to the balance between Water Polo and school.

What is one piece of advice you would give to the students at JSerra?

The sooner you start being responsible for every decision you have to make in your life, the sooner you can start growing toward your goals.

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