Strategic Planning Chair Opens Up About JSerra

Sanford Coggins football star and graduate of the University of Texas, Austin spent 16 years with Merrill Lynch managing a $77 million pilot program before starting asset management firm, The Coggins Company, in 2004.

JSerra Blog recently sat down with the CEO and JSerra board member to talk about his role as the strategic planning chair and how that affects the JSerra community.

JSerra Blog (JSB): Tell me what is the strategic planning committee? And, what is included in the strategic plan.

Sanford Coggins (SC): The committee is a made up of about 65 people including JSerra faculty, parents, students, and board members. The committee was developed in the spring of 2009 posing one question,

“What would set JSerra apart from other educational institutions and what will make it great?”

From there came 14 themes that turned into the five initiatives that make up our strategic plan: academic excellence, athletics and co-curricula’s, community connectedness, marketing and branding, and lastly fiscal management and debut reduction.

JSB: As the chair of the strategic planning committee what is your role?

SC: My role as the chair of the committee is to help navigate the process and facilitate leadership. My responsibility includes making sure that everyone is heard and their thoughts recorded. That is how we were able to have an all encompassing strategic plan.

JSB: How does this committee affect the school as a whole?

SC: I believe JSerra has the ability to be in the top two percent of secondary education in the country. We have the individuality to develop a culture at JSerra that is not mandated by bureaucracy and does not have to fit into any one mold.

We can shape the ethos and academic standards academically and athletically. We have the opportunity to do something that can set the bar for education. If we execute it successfully and with the strength JSerra has the ability to influence the way catholic education is provided throughout the country.

JSB: What are you most excited about for JSerra’s future?

SC: I am most excited that JSerra can attract the type of talent we have in our staff that are not only professionally passionate about the work they do and about raising and training others children.

But, also about the possibilities JSerra has as a Catholic school that is independent to teach Catholicism and develop a well-rounded student.

Father Spitzer’s introduction to JSerra has helped to influence our students in a faith filled way to help develop students of integrity, faith and reason.

JSerra Boys Lacrosse Wins Two Big Matches

Lions knock off two top-10 teams in one week.

It was a big week for JSerra’s boys lacrosse team which pulled off two victories over top 10-ranked teams.

The latest victory came Thursday when the Lions defeated St. Margaret’s, 6-5, in a Trinity League match at JSerra to improve its league mark to 3-0.

JSerra, which was not ranked in the county going into the week, also defeated No. 5 Santa Margarita, 9-7, earlier in the week.

Coach Kyle Harrison’s team includes most freshmen and sophomores.

A JSerra official provided details of Thursday’s victory.

St. Margaret’s took control of the game, going up 2-0 the first quarter on goals by Hunter Edington and Kent Iizuka.

Chase Williams scored again at the start of the second quarter, putting the Tartans ahead, 3-0.

But eight minutes into the second quarter, the Lions offense got going.

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