Lions Go International With a Tale of Two Cities

Left to right: Evan Smith, Cassie Chiusolo, Tia Ferri, Emily Whaley, Caroline Haggarty, Marie Aquilino, Layla Nasr, Fran Bacino, Kylee Fracassi, Kayla Selenski, Saba Sahmoedini, Megan Daggett, Gabriella Sarjeant at Versailles.

For thirteen JSerra sophomores spring break was anything but a spring break. The students visited Paris and London in only a week.

The goal was to make Charles Dickens’ novel A Tale of Two Cities come to life.  We saw Saint Antoine where the peasants suffered oppression and poverty, the Palace of Versailles where the King and Queen lived in spectacular opulence and luxury. The Place De La Concorde where Sydney Carton sacrificed his life on the guillotine, the port of Dover where Lucy discovered her father was still alive. Also, brought to life was the Temple Bar where Charles Darnay was acquitted, and London Bridge where the heads of traitors where placed on stakes.

There were many other highlights of the trip, including attending Easter Mass in Notre Dame Cathedral and seeing a play in London’s West End