JSerra’s New Principal, Explorer at Heart

By Lauren Shepherd, San Juan Capistrano Patch

John Freeh and the Fr. Robert Spitzer share with parents their hopes to help students maintain a curiosity for learning and desire for faith.

“The mind is created as a heat-seeking missile with respect to the truth; it wants to know what the truth is, and that is true at every stage of one’s life,” said John Freeh, tapped in February to become the next principal at JSerra Catholic High School.

Guiding that heat-seeking missile and cultivating a sense of curiosity and wonder is how he sees his job, which technically starts in July.  Freeh said wants each teacher to treat his career as a vocation; a calling.

Taking the lead from poems such as “The Four Quartets,” is one way in which Freeh learns about how to be such a leader, he said.

“ ‘Old men ought to be explorers,’ ” Freeh quoted T.S. Eliot. He believes that the quote expresses the human need to constantly be learning.

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