JSerra Board Profile: Kevin Baldridge

Kevin Baldridge a graduate of UCLA, attended the London School of Economics earning a masters in finance and accounting, now serves as the Executive VP of the Apartment division at the Irvine Company. Baldridge, with wife Lora now have three children; Kara, a JSerra alumni, Ryer, a junior, and Elle, a freshman at JSerra.

Baldridge sits as the chair of community relations for the JSerra Board, where he works to keep JSerra in a positive light by offering the school’s resources for the betterment of the community.

As chair of the Community Relations Committee, Baldridge meets with the city council of San Juan Capistrano, to discuss the many ways JSerra can support its surrounding community through relationship building.

Baldridge ensures that JSerra is looked upon positively and, moreover, that the JSerra community is of helpful service.

“The future of JSerra holds such a high caliber student body. I am most excited about hearing the many prestigious colleges students get accepted to, as the Community Relations Committee works to build a strong reputation among the top universities,” said Baldridge.