JSerra Broadcasting Needs Your Help Going Live

*A message from JSerra Broadcast

JSerra’s Broadcast Journalism program intends to be the most innovative and technologically driven program of its kind in the county offering classes in broadcasting and facilities that can be found only at JSerra. The focus of the program is the “Lion Television Studio” which will enable students to broadcast live programming each day in a continuous manner throughout the school reaching students, faculty, and staff. The goal of the program is to teach and deliver high quality programming content that will not only be of interest to the JSerra community, but also to a broader audience throughout the county.

In addition, opportunities will be extended to local merchants to advertise their services and reach a target audience that will benefit their business and JSerra Catholic High School.  The students are already at work creating programming content. Our control studio is in the building process.

To reach our immediate goal of delivering the programming for day-to-day viewing, JSerra is seeking support for the purchase or in kind donations of state-of-the-art 55 commercial grade Smart Flat Screen Televisions for classrooms. Studio production equipment for the control room such as a video switcher and audio and graphic production tools that will enable the television control room to be fully operational for the live daily programming, is also needed.

JSerra is seeking partnerships with broadcast industry companies, businesses, and/or parent donors that would like to contribute to the success of the program.

For more information, please contact Paul Higgins at aimsportstv@gmail.com.

We thank you for your support and consideration.