We all know that studying can be a pain. A long, sleepless night spent reading a 10 pound text book may not be the most exciting way to prepare for an exam, however we all know it is necessary. It’s time to make studying fun and give your brain a break. Learn how to not only study harder, but also study smarter with these study tools!

JSerra CHS Blog_Study ToolsBe an active participant in your study session

Reading a paragraph over and over just won’t cut it. Take notes, highlight and color-code to give your brain something to remember. You want to learn the content, not just memorize it for the exam and forget it the next day.

Get creative

Use simple acronyms, abbreviations and analogies to stimulate your mind. This allows yourself to relate the content to something you are familiar with. Remember, make it fun and simple!

Break time

Don’t forget to take breaks while you study! Just like having to take breaks when you do physical exercise, it is just as important to take breaks when you are exercising your brain. Break time is a great way to rest your mind, and stay motivated. Use break time as a reward after you finish a difficult math problem or finish reading a chapter.

Manage your time

It’s not just the time you spend studying that matters. It’s what you can accomplish during that time. Make sure to set goals and develop a study plan to keep yourself from procrastinating or getting stuck on one subject.

Mix it up

If you study in the same place for every test, mix it up! A change in scenery can help you focus and get the job done. Also, if you listen to the same type of music when you study, mix it up! Listening to different music can help stimulate those brain waves and makes studying more enjoyable.

JSerra CHS Blog_Study ToolsStudying doesn’t always have to be such a drag. It’s important to remember that we all learn differently, that means we all study differently, too! Use these study tools to find the technique that works best for you and develop your own study skills. Have fun and good luck!

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