Planning Ahead: Unconventional College Majors

As we prepare to say goodbye to our graduating senior class, we want to remind our students that college is an experience meant for them to grow, learn, and find a career path that means something. There are traditional majors available at every school such as Business, Communications, Psychology, Pre-med and more, but there are also many other exciting options out there for students wanting to try something different.

JSerra CHS Blog_Unconventional College Majors

Do you dream of working with the stars? At USC, you can major in various facets of Theatre, numerous types of Performance, Dance, Animation & Digital Arts, and even Writing for Screen & Television!

If owning a bakery has been a life-long dream, then the Bakery Science & Management major at Kansas State University should be considered. The major trains students for research, administrative, production, or executive positions within the industry, or students can choose to study quality control and research and development.

JSerra CHS Blog_Unconventional College Majors

For the students who love binge watching their favorite shows on Netflix or obsessing over celebrities, the Pop Culture major at Bowling Green State University is a perfect match. This major prepares students for careers in journalism, mass media, public relations, and advertising.

JSerra CHS Blog_Unconventional College Majors

Do you work well with people and want to help them? You can help athletes by becoming an Athletic Training or PGA Golf Management major at UNLV! If you aren’t interested in sports, there are also majors in Restaurant Management and Meetings and Events to help you understanding of the significance of the hospitality industry.

There are also majors in Costume Technology at DePaul University, Floral Management at Mississippi State University, and Adventure Education at Green Mountain College. There is always an option to major in Business or Communications, but minor in Dance, Gender Studies, and more. The possibilities are endless with the help of your trusty counselors, so be sure to visit them early to plan out classes and get advice on majors and minors!

JSerra CHS Blog_Unconventional College Majors

College is a time to continue your education and prepare yourself for your future. Every major requires the same general educations classes of Math, Science, English, and History; all courses that will help you in the future. It is important to remember to find your passions while you’re there, too! No matter the major or minor, your JSerra family will always be rooting for your success!

Lion Pride!

Social Media Savvy: New JSerra Blog Series

At JSerra Catholic High School, we know it is important to be knowledgeable in all aspects of life, especially new technology. For this reason, you can find JSerra on Social Media! We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even have our own blog in aspirations of letting our communities know what is going on in the world of JSerra.

JSerra CHS Blog_Social Media Savvy

A key aspect to focus on is how we, as a learning institution, not only can educate our students on scholastic matters, but also in Social Media. It is now, and will continue to be a social world. Bottom line, social media is here to stay. Students need Social Media role models, and we can show them appropriate ways to communicate. Just as what you verbally say represents who you are, what you type and share on Social Media does the same.

JSerra CHS Blog_Social Media Savvy

Showcasing good Social Media skills is preparing our children for the future. The world’s largest professional network is LinkedIn, a social media site with over 200 million members! 90% of employers surveyed said they planned on using social media to recruit and hire new employees. It is the way of the future, and if we can inform our students the appropriate ways to use it, we can help guide them in their future.

JSerra CHS Blog_Social Media Savvy

There are certain precautions we take in protecting our students, such as not using their personal handles in Tweets or sharing instructor or coaches personal accounts. We will be utilizing our blog to share posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other new Social Media platforms. Be sure to follow along for insights to the platforms, best practices, how to monitor, and more.

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Time Management Skills and Tricks

Procrastination can get the best of all of us. But avoiding homework, studying or projects never ends well. High school students have extremely busy schedules and it is important to stay on task and take control of your time management. Here are a few time management tricks to help you develop good skills for your whole life.

JSerra CHS Blog_Time Management Skills and Tricks

Create To-Do Lists
Making a to-do list can help you stay on track. Be sure to put the most important tasks at the top of the list and check them off as you go. Motivate yourself with rewards in between each task to keep you motivated.

JSerra CHS Blog_Time Management Skills and Tricks

Know When To Say No
If you know you have a big test or project coming up don’t make plans with friends the night before. Instead, reschedule to do something on another night when you have more time.

JSerra CHS Blog_Time Management Skills and Tricks

Find Your Productive Time
Pay attention to the time of the day that you are most efficient. Are you a morning or a night person? Once you’ve figured it out, plan your schedules accordingly and make time to get work done when you know you will succeed.

JSerra CHS Blog_Time Management Skills and Tricks

Get Enough Sleep
Make sure to get enough sleep each night, especially when finals come up. A good night of sleep will help you from getting sidetracked during work time.

JSerra CHS Blog_Time Management Skills and Tricks

Remember Lions, have fun, stay focused and get the job done!

Lion Pride!

JSerra Blog: New Year, New Year Resolutions for Students & Parents

A new year filled with new resolutions. For many graduating high school students and parents 2015 will be a year full of change. It’s an exciting time of choosing which universities to attend in fall and parents figure out where they will be sending their children. On the brink of so many changes, it is important to start the year off right and set New Year Resolutions that will make 2015 a year of success!

JSerra CHS Blog_New Year Resolutions

Here are some great ideas for New Year resolutions for both students and parents:

  • Stop procrastinating. As a student and a parent, it is important to give yourself the appropriate amount of time needed to get the job done and to give the best effort you can.
  • Don’t do it all. You are a high school student with a hectic schedule and a million things to do. You may want to do everything with everyone, instead concentrate on a handful of things and excel at them.
  • Commit to keeping a calendar. With another busy year ahead, both students and parents should make use of a calendar planner to keep track of appointments, classes, sport practices and games to stay on top of everything and meet all deadlines.
  • Try something new. High school is the perfect time to spread your wings and branch out from what you are used to. Join a new club, make new friends or go on new adventures. This is the time to find what you like and dislike, so stray from your comfort zone and get out there!

JSerra CHS Blog_New Year Resolutions

Make a resolution and stick with it! Happy 2015 Lions!

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Christmas Break Reflection: What are you most grateful for?

“It is not happy people who are grateful. It is grateful people who are happy.” Christmas break is here! From loving friends and family to a wonderful education to amazing extracurricular opportunities, Christmas is the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on the breathtaking life moments we are given and spend time with your loved ones.

JSerra CHS Blog_Christmas Reflection

As you’re on Christmas break, take the time away from school to relax and enjoy the time you have to spend with your family and friends. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day to day life. As students, you have so many things going on that it’s easy to forget about the people and things that you have been blessed with. As parents, there are countless details of life to focus on, whether it’s work-life, home-life, or your students’ lives. Be sure to take a moment to tell loved ones how grateful you are to have them in your life!

JSerra CHS Blog_Christmas Reflection

It is important to remember the reason for the day. Take advantage of a break away from your hectic schedule to think of all of the things you have to be grateful for.

What are you grateful for Lions?

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We all know that studying can be a pain. A long, sleepless night spent reading a 10 pound text book may not be the most exciting way to prepare for an exam, however we all know it is necessary. It’s time to make studying fun and give your brain a break. Learn how to not only study harder, but also study smarter with these study tools!

JSerra CHS Blog_Study ToolsBe an active participant in your study session

Reading a paragraph over and over just won’t cut it. Take notes, highlight and color-code to give your brain something to remember. You want to learn the content, not just memorize it for the exam and forget it the next day.

Get creative

Use simple acronyms, abbreviations and analogies to stimulate your mind. This allows yourself to relate the content to something you are familiar with. Remember, make it fun and simple!

Break time

Don’t forget to take breaks while you study! Just like having to take breaks when you do physical exercise, it is just as important to take breaks when you are exercising your brain. Break time is a great way to rest your mind, and stay motivated. Use break time as a reward after you finish a difficult math problem or finish reading a chapter.

Manage your time

It’s not just the time you spend studying that matters. It’s what you can accomplish during that time. Make sure to set goals and develop a study plan to keep yourself from procrastinating or getting stuck on one subject.

Mix it up

If you study in the same place for every test, mix it up! A change in scenery can help you focus and get the job done. Also, if you listen to the same type of music when you study, mix it up! Listening to different music can help stimulate those brain waves and makes studying more enjoyable.

JSerra CHS Blog_Study ToolsStudying doesn’t always have to be such a drag. It’s important to remember that we all learn differently, that means we all study differently, too! Use these study tools to find the technique that works best for you and develop your own study skills. Have fun and good luck!

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Tending Goals After Tragedy in San Juan

AvilaBy Megan Cuniff, OC Register

For Cinthia and Diana Avila, it still seems like a bad dream.

And it happened so fast. One moment their mother sat in her bedroom, nursing a crippling headache. Minutes later, emergency crews whisked her out of her San Juan Capistrano apartment into an ambulance. She arrived at Mission Hospital in a coma, and she never woke up.

Nearly four months have passed, but for the sisters, time seemed to freeze on that day.

“It still feels like it was all a dream and it didn’t happen,” said Diana, 25, and now 14-year-old Cinthia’s legal guardian. “Like she’s just going to walk in the door one day.”

But the sisters aren’t alone. Cinthia’s former soccer coach, Clyde Blackwelder, has set up a trust fund and is working to organize a network of community members to support Cinthia as she tries to do what no one in her family has ever before done: earn a college degree.

They’re off to a great start.

Carlos Solorzano, whose daughter Raquel is Cinthia’s best friend, secured Cinthia a scholarship to JSerra Catholic High School, where he teaches Spanish. Cinthia began her career as a Lion in August. She loves studying science and is interested in a career in nursing. She plans to try out for soccer this month.

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