Time Management Skills and Tricks

Procrastination can get the best of all of us. But avoiding homework, studying or projects never ends well. High school students have extremely busy schedules and it is important to stay on task and take control of your time management. Here are a few time management tricks to help you develop good skills for your whole life.

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Create To-Do Lists
Making a to-do list can help you stay on track. Be sure to put the most important tasks at the top of the list and check them off as you go. Motivate yourself with rewards in between each task to keep you motivated.

JSerra CHS Blog_Time Management Skills and Tricks

Know When To Say No
If you know you have a big test or project coming up don’t make plans with friends the night before. Instead, reschedule to do something on another night when you have more time.

JSerra CHS Blog_Time Management Skills and Tricks

Find Your Productive Time
Pay attention to the time of the day that you are most efficient. Are you a morning or a night person? Once you’ve figured it out, plan your schedules accordingly and make time to get work done when you know you will succeed.

JSerra CHS Blog_Time Management Skills and Tricks

Get Enough Sleep
Make sure to get enough sleep each night, especially when finals come up. A good night of sleep will help you from getting sidetracked during work time.

JSerra CHS Blog_Time Management Skills and Tricks

Remember Lions, have fun, stay focused and get the job done!

Lion Pride!

JSerra International Student Arranges Song for Choir’s Farewell Concert

AndrewBy Lauren Shepherd, OC Register 

JSerra Catholic High School’s first graduating international student Seung Hyun (Andrew) Lee, from Seoul, South Korea, has been teaching his fellow chamber singers his own arrangement of a Korean folk song for choir’s Spring Farewell Concert. Four years ago, Lee and his family searched for the right school in Southern California that would give him a unique high school experience.

“When I saw that JSerra was accepting international students I took the opportunity,” Lee said. He started his freshman year of high school at JSerra with a love for music and a prodigal talent that would impress his fellow chamber singers.

“It’s really interesting to know that someone so young can be so musically inclined,” said JSerra sophomore and first-year chamber singer, Ian von Gremp. “It’s nice to know that my friend Andrew arranged it,”

Lee became president of the chamber choir, and with his leadership taught his fellow chamber singers the ancient Korean folk song, “Arirang,” which he arranged to fit his own interpretation of its meaning.

“Andrew has always been our leader,” junior and third year chamber singer, Annie Pfost said. “Choir is like a family and Andrew is like the cool big brother.”

“Arirang,” a song handed down through many generations, was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, in December.

At last year’s Spring Concert, Renée Bondi, Christian inspiration singer and mother to JSerra chamber singer, Daniel Bondi, told Lee about her concert in Korea. She said when she sang “Arirang” for the finale, everyone there began to sing along with her. With that motivation, Lee decided to arrange “Arirang” for his high school choir.

To read the complete article click here.

JSerra Broadcast Teacher Travels to Shanghai to Host KIA World Extreme Games

Paul_Higgins*A press release from JSerra Catholic High School

Paul Higgins, Founder and President of Athletes In Motion, travels to Shanghai, China, to host the KIA World Extreme Games for Fox Sports.

This is Higgins’ seventh consecutive year hosting the Games in Shanghai, in previous years Higgins worked with ESPN on the same event.

“It’s an honor to host the Games, and is an event I always look forward to,” said Higgins.

The Games have developed over the past few years with a growing acceptance of action sports in China.

“In the first few years, the people in China didn’t seem to know what to think about having athletes on skateboards, bikes, and motorcycles flying through the air,” said Higgins. “But now they have embraced it and now they host the largest skateboard park in the world.”

The opportunity brings more to Higgins than consecutively hosting the games. “What this really provides me is an opportunity to share my real-world working experience with my broadcast students at JSerra,” said Higgins. “This is exactly what the Artist In Residence Program is all about.” As part of the Artist In Residence Program at JSerra, Higgins teaches broadcast journalism to the students of the college preparatory school. In its inaugural year, the program has boasted numerous editions of The Lion Report and generated interest within the local community.

The annual KIA World Extreme Games will take place June 10-12 in Shanghai, China, and will be broadcast on Channel 11.

Business Magnet Moves on to State Competitions

Giovanna Hughes accepting her award for  Entrepreneurship and Accounting 1
Giovanna Hughes accepting her award for Entrepreneurship and Accounting 1

The Business Magnet Program had 70 members of JSerra’s Future Business Leaders of America participate in the Section FBLA Conference at University High School in Irvine.

Students tested in subjects ranging from personal finance to business communications, with many students competing in more than one subject.

JSerra turned out a record year for this Conference, with over ten students medaling in their respective positions.

Two students in particular, Andrew Ormonde and Daniel Yun, are moving on to compete in the State Championships, to be held April 18-22, in Santa Clara.

“ I am once again very proud from the amazing work of our FBLA members.   Two years in a row we have sent students to state, which is in itself very astonishing,” said Program Director, Carol Chaffee.

Students who medaled and their respective subject are as follows:

Giovanna Hughes- Entrepreneurship and Accounting 1

Maggie Beyer- Entrepreneurship

Max Gamperl- Parliamentary Procedure

Zach Ramsey- Parliamentary Procedure

Adryan Son- Parliamentary Procedure

Jonathan Fabulich- Parliamentary Procedure

Stuart Young- Parliamentary Procedure

Angelica Ramos- Business Procedures

Emily Day- Public Speakig 2

Jonathan Lopez- Economics

Hunter Kempf- Personal Finance

Andrew Ormonde- Global Business

Daniel Yun- Global Business

Winter Showcase Attracts the Masses

482810_536951743011273_986345173_nBy: Nancy Harrell, Artist in Residence Director

The Artist In Residence program hosted their annual Winter Showcase at SOKA University this February. The showcase highlighted many of the 750 students that participate in the arts. The audience of over 600 was enthusiastic in receiving the performances, and helped make the evening a great success.

The student performances were classic, fun, experimental, and emotional. Performances included everything from classical ballet pieces performed using New York Ballet choreography, to the choir ending the evening with a beautiful rendition of ‘The Lord Bless you and Keep You,’ while dancers performed a sacred dance piece to the music.

Choir also brought down the house with their version of Fun’s ‘Some Nights’. Instrumental music showed off their abilities with our string ensemble and our steel drum band bringing the audience to their feet. The theater department opened the show with ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business,’ and concluded with a stage combat scene from Romeo and Juliet.

Visual Arts and Broadcast Journalism students were well represented with a visual arts show and reception in the lobby before the performances began. Broadcast Journalism presented a wonderful piece showing the best of The Lion Report, which showed the tremendous growth our students have experienced this year with the implementation of our new Broadcast Journalism program.

The evening highlighted what a presence the visual and performing arts have on campus, and it continues to grow.

View the album from the night’s performances on Facebook. 

Law Magnet Program Names Mock Trial Coaches

Patrick Ahle, Former Prosecutor and JSerra Pre-Law Professional Magnet Program Advisor
Patrick Ahle, Former Prosecutor and JSerra Pre-Law Professional Magnet Program Advisor

The JSerra Pre Law Professional Magnet Program is pleased to announce our new mock trial competition coaches.  They are Mr. Jeffrey Tobin, Ms. Kimberly LaSalle, Mr. Bobby Taghavi, and Ms. Vanessa Woods.

These four outstanding attorneys have 53 years of experience as attorneys, and have completed over 300 jury trials and hundreds of other types of hearings and motions.  Each of them is extremely gifted in the practice of law.  Together, they will teach our law magnet students not only how to compete, but also how to excel in the upcoming Fall, 2013 Constitutional Rights Foundation Mock Trial Competition.  This is an outstanding coaching team and our students will be well served under their capable leadership and trial skills.

Lastly, Law Magnet Director Patrick Ahle will be acting as the fifth mock trial coach.  This will bring the coaching team’s collective number of years of experience as attorneys to 76 years, and our collective number of completed jury trials to over 400 trials.

For more information about the backgrounds of the law magnet coaches, please visit the JSerra Law Magnet here.