Planning Ahead: Unconventional College Majors

As we prepare to say goodbye to our graduating senior class, we want to remind our students that college is an experience meant for them to grow, learn, and find a career path that means something. There are traditional majors available at every school such as Business, Communications, Psychology, Pre-med and more, but there are also many other exciting options out there for students wanting to try something different.

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Do you dream of working with the stars? At USC, you can major in various facets of Theatre, numerous types of Performance, Dance, Animation & Digital Arts, and even Writing for Screen & Television!

If owning a bakery has been a life-long dream, then the Bakery Science & Management major at Kansas State University should be considered. The major trains students for research, administrative, production, or executive positions within the industry, or students can choose to study quality control and research and development.

JSerra CHS Blog_Unconventional College Majors

For the students who love binge watching their favorite shows on Netflix or obsessing over celebrities, the Pop Culture major at Bowling Green State University is a perfect match. This major prepares students for careers in journalism, mass media, public relations, and advertising.

JSerra CHS Blog_Unconventional College Majors

Do you work well with people and want to help them? You can help athletes by becoming an Athletic Training or PGA Golf Management major at UNLV! If you aren’t interested in sports, there are also majors in Restaurant Management and Meetings and Events to help you understanding of the significance of the hospitality industry.

There are also majors in Costume Technology at DePaul University, Floral Management at Mississippi State University, and Adventure Education at Green Mountain College. There is always an option to major in Business or Communications, but minor in Dance, Gender Studies, and more. The possibilities are endless with the help of your trusty counselors, so be sure to visit them early to plan out classes and get advice on majors and minors!

JSerra CHS Blog_Unconventional College Majors

College is a time to continue your education and prepare yourself for your future. Every major requires the same general educations classes of Math, Science, English, and History; all courses that will help you in the future. It is important to remember to find your passions while you’re there, too! No matter the major or minor, your JSerra family will always be rooting for your success!

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How To Find The Right University For You

The college application process is difficult; however, sometimes the decision process can be even harder. Yes, it is nice to have received an acceptance letter(s) to the school(s) of your choice, but now it is time to make the decision to where you will spend the next 4 years of your college career. We also understand that this choice can put a lot of pressure on you. If you’re having a tough time deciding where to attend in the fall, here are a few tips to choosing the right university for you!

JSerra CHS Blog_Choosing the Right University for You

Think About What Is Important To You
This is a huge, important decision. It is smart to take a step back and breath for a minute. Ask yourself, why you initially choose to apply to these schools. What was important to you when you applied to them back then? Was it a program? A club? Close to home? These are all factors that will have an effect on your final decision.

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Visit The School
Many, if not most, colleges and universities offer campus tours. In fact, many campuses have special days dedicated to those students who have interest in attending their university. You may find yourself feeling out of place or not at home when you visit certain schools, but if you visit the school and it feels like home for you, it will narrow down your choices. The school you choose will be your home away form home for these next few years.

JSerra CHS Blog_Choosing the Right University for You

Consider Curriculum and Your Future Career
College is a place to prepare you for your future. Look at the curriculum. Do the schools offer any classes you are yearning to take? Do they seem challenging and like a good learning experience for you? Do your research because it will help you determine which campuses will provide you with the classes to help pursue your career dreams.

JSerra CHS Blog_Choosing the Right University for You

Think About Student Resources
Student resources will play a colossal role in your college successes. Do they have a career center? A library? A student union? Many college career centers have resume building workshops, provide lists of internship opportunities, and perform mock interviews to help prepare you for future interviews. A library is important because you will spend many hours studying there, this also goes for the student union. These often have study rooms, food restaurants, and places to relax while on campus.

JSerra CHS Blog_Choosing the Right University for You

Deadlines for decisions are quickly approaching! Do the research now and go on campus tours. Now is the time to ask all the questions you have. Use the time you have left to research the different aspects of a college atmosphere that are truly the most important to you. Good luck!

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Choral Performance Hosted at Our Lady of Fatima

Join the Choral Department for an evening of dinner, raffle baskets, and a beautiful evening of classical choral and vocal music performed by JSerra students. The night will open with a beautiful setting of Amazing Grace – written for the children who lost parents on September 11.

With seven languages explored as well are repertoire spanning 400 years you will not want to miss our chamber singers, advanced women’s ensemble and soloists. These are the same ensembles that performed last year in a solo concert in Carnegie Hall and performed for Pope Benedict in 2011. The students are not only talented, but hardworking and dedicated to bringing the beauty of choral music to our community.

The concert is Friday, November 9 at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in San Clemente. Dinner begins at 6:30, concert at 7:30, to purchase tickets please visit the cashier’s office.

Click here for more information This shining night flyer.

Save the Date: Mass on the Beach Hosted by JSerra Campus Ministry

 Join JSerra and So Cal Life Teen in having Mass on the Beach in Dana Point on August 6. Rally begins at 2 p.m. Mass at 3 p.m.

Bring your friends for a time of worship by The Francis Band and an encouraging message.

For more information click Beach Mass.

Save the Date: Choral Camp Hosted at JSerra

JSerra’s Choral department is hosting a summer choral camp open to all levels of singers including beginners.

Each day will include voice lessons, reading music lessons, and choir rehearsals where we learn songs together. It is a great opportunity to meet people, make music and have lots of fun.

Camp begins Tuesday, August 21 and goes through Friday, August 24, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.  each day with a special mini-concert following on Friday. The camp fee is $150 per person.

For more information to to register contact Choral Director, Brian  Dehn at

Campus Ministry Releases Live Album

Now you can take home the songs you enjoy during JSerra’s weekly Mass in the car or on the go.

Campus Ministry has recorded a live worship album from JSerra’s chapel with 25  students and is now available for  $10.

It’s a great gift anyone that enjoys the songs  at Mass, retreats and worship services.

You may purchase a CD from Campus Ministry. Get one for yourself and for a friend.

For more info and events visit Campus Ministry on Facebook.