JSerra Adopts a Marine Family

Adopt a Marine Family  this Christmas. 
Several years ago the JSerra family began to acknowledge the debt owed to the men and women of the Armed Forces many of whose families are alone at Christmas and often in need. We didn’t have far to look to see our neighbors south of us at Camp Pendleton. Each year there are families on that base who celebrate without one parent present or with the knowledge that either dad or mom will be leaving soon.

There are approximately 1,200 Marines and Sailors in the unit, about 600 of them are married. There are about 500 children in the battalion and the majority of them are under 10 years of age. We have had a great number of newborns recently as well. All of the Marines and Sailors will be home for Christmas, but will have a deployment leaving out again right after the New Year.

Some of these families live below the poverty line and barely subsist. In addition to the financial strain these young families must deal with the anxiety and loss they suffer with separation during training and deployments.

The JSerra Family has in the past recognized and honored these men and women who serve us with helping to provide a better Christmas for their families.

We are given a fictional name for each family a real description of their status and the names, age and sizes of all members of the family. JSerra families bring Christmas dinner and presents to each military family. The dinner includes a gift certificate for perishable items and staples that will carry the family well beyond Christmas morning (bags of rice, bags of beans, flour, sugar and can goods).

JSerra invites you to join in the effort either as a single family, a class or multiple families bringing Christmas to a Marine family. You will enjoy each and every moment of being part of this selfless activity.

Please contact Bridget Desmond if you are interested in participating. bdesmond@jserra.org