JSerra Winter Signing Day 2015

Every year, we see students reach their potential and show the world who they are as individuals. Our Lions are first and foremost students, but they are also outstanding in other aspects of their lives! We are proud of the following students who signed their letters of intent to the universities of their dreams in February 2015!

JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015

Boys Soccer:

Ether Bustos – California State University at Fullerton

Ivan Canales – University of California at Irvine

Julian Font – University of California at Irvine

JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015 JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015


Aaron Matthews – Lindenwood University

Brody Barrett – Appalachian State University

D.J. Bailey – Harvard

Nick Robinson – University of Georgia

Sam Philippi – University of Pennsylvania

Tucker Squires – University of Chicago

JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015

Girls Soccer:

Brooke Kunzelman – Air Force

JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015

Girls Volleyball:

Kayla DeMari – Hawai’i Pacific University

JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015

Congratulations! Always remember that everyone at JSerra will be rooting you on in your future endeavors. We know you will make us proud!

JSerra CHS Blog_ Winter Signing Day 2015

Lion Pride!

Eugenio is OC Varsity’s Football Athlete of the Week

Congratulations to JSerra sophomore football player Casey Eugenio for being selected as the OC Varsity Football Athlete of the Week! Below is the article announcing the award.

By Damian Calhoun for OCVarsity.com

Eugenio, a sophomore running back, put the finishing touches on JSerra’s 31-14 upset victory over Orange Lutheran. Eugenio rushed for 103 yards and one touchdown and had 70 receiving yards and a touchdown in the game. Eugenio’s 5-yard rushing touchdown came with 4:47 left in the game. His 6-yard touchdown reception came with 2:10 left.

Read the article online here.

JSerra Student on Crew for Looking for Home at Laguna Playhouse

The Laguna Playhouse debuted “Looking for Home,” a story about the Orphan Trains, this past weekend, and your last chance to see the play is this coming weekend, November 10-13. JSerra student Bridget Kavanaugh is on the crew for the play.

Looking For Home is a new musical that examines the historical railroad transporting of orphaned children from the streets of New York City to the Great Plains. These “orphan trains” ran from 1856 to 1930 and it’s estimated that over 200,000 children were relocated or “placed out” by the Children’s Aid Society or similar organizations.

This World Premiere beautifully follows the true story of 11 year old Anna Hoffman and her siblings who were successfully “placed” in a small town in Kansas in 1923. This is a heartwarming story about courage and the healing powers that make a family…home. Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Click here for more information and to buy your tickets!

Senior Sarah David Presents a Q&A with Rector Fr. Spitzer

JSerra is truly blessed to have Interim Rector Father Spitzer

By: Sarah David for the Paw Print

Mr. Talarico, President and Interim Principal recently announced that Father Spitzer has accepted the Interim Rector position at JSerra Catholic High School. “We are truly blessed to have somebody with Fr. Spitzer’s deep knowledge and vast experience as our Interim Rector. His decision to lead our campus’ rich spiritual life serves as influential testimony of JSerra’s place as one of the finest and most well rounded educational institutions in the region. I encourage students to introduce themselves to him – and take every possible opportunity to glean everything they possibly can from him.”

Father Spitzer comes to JSerra with an impressive background. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 16, 1952. He is a Catholic Priest of the Society of Jesus. He entered the Jesuits on August 17, 1974, took his first vows on August 21, 1976 and was ordained a priest on June 11, 1983, with final vows on April 4, 1992. His educational background is equally impressive; Ph.D. Catholic University of America, 1984-88. Philosophy , Summa cum Laude; Th.M. Weston School (Cambridge), 1983-84. Theology Scripture, Summa cum Laude; M.Div. Gregorian University (Rome), 1980-83. Theology,  Summa cum Laude.  M.A. St. Louis University, 1976-78. Philosophy.  (Research) Magna cum Laude; B.B.A.  Gonzaga University, 1970-74. Public Accounting and Finance, Magna Cum Laude; High School Punahou High School (Honolulu, Hawaii), 1970 National Honors Society. He is currently the President of the Magis Center of Reason and Faith, the Spitzer Center on Catholic Organizations and the Chief Educational Officer for the Ethics and Performance Institute. He was President of Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington from 1998-2008. During his time at Gonzaga University, he increased the student population by 75% and increased the faith, leadership, and service programs. He also raised millions of dollars in scholarships. He has published five books and is currently working on three new books.

I had the honor of sitting down for a one-on-one with Father Spitzer to discuss his experiences and ideas as well as plans for our JSerra community.

Question Sarah David: As our new Rector, what goals and plans do you have for the faith formation of the JSerra student body, freshman to senior?

Father Spitzer: First of course is to continue the good work that the Norbertines have already been doing in conjunction with our board. We have a goal statement for our religious faith that has been submitted to the board. It has all the various areas outlined and my job will be to try to implement it. They are already in great part implemented we will just moving to the next level both on an intellectual level and spiritual level and also to try and make the religious identity of our school very central to its general identity. In other words, our religious identity takes on the same force as our other identities like sports etc.

Question Sarah David: With your vast spiritual and academic experience at Gonzaga, do you have programs, plans, and goals in mind to meet the spiritual needs of our students, faculty, staff, and families?

Father Spitzer: My experience is at the university level but I see it as similar to this level because I want to listen and not reinvent the wheel. At mass today the students very clearly participate and they were attentive so there are a lot of things going well at the school. Alternatively, I can see some opportunities especially in the intellectual, school identity and academic development areas where I can make a difference. I had a huge role at Gonzaga in these areas and I want to allow the faculty’s great strength to come out. I also want to use my experience and background in the academic discussion of Faith and Reason, the evidence for GOD from physics and philosophy, and the historical study of the New Testament to benefit the faculty and students as we pursue making religion central to our purpose and our identity.

Question Sarah David: As our Rector, what is your measure of success for the spiritual growth of a JSerra student?

Father Spitzer: Measure success in many ways, number of programs or service opportunities. I do not feel these are the most important but rather how are our students relating more and more deeply to GOD!  Are they aware of the presence of GOD in their daily lives…the unconditional love of GOD for them…the many ways in which GOD guides them and how to discern this…but above all is the they have confidence in GOD’s love ever more deeply and their interior life of each student and the life of the school is measured by Faith, Hope and Love as they become faith leaders in their church and schools. We can anecdotally measure trends now in the importance of faith in a student’s life, their awareness and confidence in GOD’s love and even how drawn they are to live a faith filled life as the school retreats bring these traits out. . If the JSerra alumni are not faith leaders of the future we have got a problem because who will the leaders be…? These are good signs but I will see the success in 12 years as they write books, serve on parish boards and become heads of ethics boards at universities as well as emerge front and center for our hopes as Catholic leaders of the future. I will assume the fruits will be good!

Question Sarah David: As a graduating senior, what advice would you give a potential graduate who is completing their faith walk at a safe environment and beginning a journey in the adult world of higher education?

Father Spitzer: I say definitely pick a school where your faith will be allowed to be nourished. Make a campus visit. Do not just go to the best academic school for undergraduate…maybe for graduate work… but if you have a chance to go to a top school like Gonzaga or Notre Dame, the presence of GOD will knock you right over on your campus visit. You will see these kids really BELIEVE and more importantly, they will be very supportive of your faith…at Gonzaga, a freshman student told me after a mass of 700-800 students …”what I like best about Gonzaga is that it is not uncool to be religious here.” It is a message of faith support and safety among the students.  Faith nourishment is a vital part of campus life. In other non-faith based schools, you must step up and join activities like the catholic student center but they are automatic at faith centered schools. I often wonder …if I had not gone to Gonzaga… I am not sure what I would have done or where I would be today but now I believe I have the best possible life because of that experience. That is why it is so important to make that choice of higher education centered on faith nourishment.

Ice Lions Make OC Sports History – Again

Ice Lions 1

Last year, they became Orange County’s first high school ice hockey team.

This year, they won the first all-Orange County high school hockey game, beating Santa Margarita Catholic High School, 5-2.Ice Lions 2

It was big news when the Ice Lions – sponsored by the Anaheim Ducks – became a team.

The Ice Lions’ historic hockey program – and victory against SMCHS – have made big news again. The team was the subject of a column on the Sports section cover of today’s Orange County Register.

The Ice Lions are coached by former Anaheim Ducks David Karpa and Guy Hebert.

The column, by the Register’s Jeff Miller, talked about the challenges ice hockey players from Orange County face compared to their counterparts in places like Minnesota.

Read the column here:

Ice Lions 3

JSerra Catholic High School Obtains New Financing

JSerra Catholic High School issued the following press release today:

San Juan Capistrano, CA – Sept. 1, 2009 – JSerra Catholic High School announced today that it has closed on California tax-exempt bond financing and unsecured bank financing to refinance its short- and long-term debt.

Specific financial details of the loan were not released. The refinancing and restructuring of the existing debt – combined with better-than-forecast enrollment – helps position JSerra for long-term health, officials said.

“This is certainly an historic moment for our campus community,” said Tim Busch, Chairman of the Board of Directors and a JSerra Founder. “Milestones are coming faster and faster for JSerra. This is one that deserves special notice.”

JSerra is a school on the rise. JSerra’s world-class facilities are often compared to an Ivy League college campus. Last year’s senior class set new standards of achievement in academics, athletics and philanthropy.

All 176 graduates of the Class of 2009, including its first National Merit Scholar, will attend college. In athletics, the Lions boys’ soccer and baseball teams won the school’s first-ever Trinity League titles; the boys’ lacrosse team was CIF Division II champion. The school recently hired a two-sport Olympian to direct its aquatics program.

The senior class dedicated more than 30,000 hours of community service. The school has awarded nearly $3 million in financial aid since it opened. Among last year’s other highlights was the hiring of Frank Talarico as JSerra’s first president and CEO.

“The future is incredibly bright for JSerra,” Talarico said. “We’re financially healthy, which enables us to maintain our programs in the arts, sciences and our extra-curricular activities despite the challenges of the current economy.”

For more about JSerra, please visit its new Web site at www.jserra.org.