Master Marathoner Olivia Huie Takes a Break to Chat with JSerra Blog

Director of Counseling, Olivia Huie

Climbing the Great Wall of China not once but twice, JSerra’s Director of Counseling Olivia Huie sat down with JSerra Blog to offer some interesting fun facts about this anteater alumnus.

How long have you been an Academic Counselor?

I’ve been a counselor for six years and at JSerra for three years.

What is your favorite topic to cover during the year? College and purpose

Were you involved in any clubs in high school or college?

I was the associated student body treasurer, secretary and president (not at the same time). I was also the founder of our drama club, so I was the drama queen.

What do you hope to accomplish before you retire?

I’d love to travel to at least a dozen different places out of the country. I’d also like to obtain a doctorate degree at some point.

What was your first job? I worked retail at a men’s clothing store in the mall.

What was your favorite high school memory?

Hanging out with friends at the same lunch table and eating chili cheese fries from the food truck that came everyday. We didn’t have a bistro or a cafeteria for that matter.

What was your childhood dream job? I wanted to be a pediatrician.

Were you voted anything in high school? I was voted class clown and best smile.

What’s your favorite sports team?

Notre Dame football is my favorite and only because I married into the cult.

If you could live in any time period other than now, what would it be?

The 60’s because it seemed groovy.

Who or what was your inspiration that drove you to become a Counselor?

I wanted to become a counselor when I worked with underprivileged youth in downtown LA. I figured they needed a good role model and a leader to help guide them to opportunities.  I felt like I needed to be that person to be the “change I wanted to see in the world.”


Food: Yogurtland, wine and cheese

TV Show: American Idol and HGTV

Animal: turtles and owls

Sports team: Chicago Bulls and ND Irish

Color: Purple

Vacation spot: Costa Rica

Author: I love Paulo Coehlo

Who is your celebrity crush? You’ll have to ask me this in person I’m not sharing. I don’t want him to find out.

Favorite band growing up: Milli Vanilli, until they got caught lip syncing at their own concert, and I saw it on TLC.

Fun Facts and Random Acts

In grad school, I decided to pick up running and had this goal to run a marathon before the age of 30. So, I joined Team in Training, an organization that raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I had a special connection to blood cancer, so I thought it would be a great idea to train and give back at the same time.  I ran my first marathon in 2006 and have since completed four marathons and eight half marathons including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. I’m currently training to complete the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco this fall. I not only do it for the medals, but mainly to help those in need.

I also love photography and have won two contests where my pictures have been placed on the front pages in magazines.

Lastly, in the short time I’ve been a counselor I have been promoted twice to director of counseling.

Diary of the Legends of China

*Part three of the special Legends of China series

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The much-anticipated China and U.S. “Voice of the Future 
Leaders” Platform with Kendall Madden as the emcee from the U.S. with 500
students from Beijing’s leading high schools and universities in attendance a very productive and educational discussion with a Q&A about global 
leadership ensued.

There is no doubt the amount of knowledge that was gained during this 
time, as our adventurers asked thought provoking questions to the panel. At the end of the summit, this year’s silk banner award winners were announced:
 Bryan Maldonado (High School Student Category), Melissa Yeung (College
 Student Category), and Deron Ambler (Teacher and Faculty Category).

Three honorable mentions also went to the beautiful artwork of Jenny
 Sathrum, Qiang Wen Kuang, and Susan Levin. Today was also the very last
 Chinese class. All in all, more than 50 words and 14 phrases were
 learned in just a few days. The class ended off with a Legends of China staff member 
singing and teaching the group in Chinese a beautiful farewell song,
” You and Me,” with the theme of peace and friendship sung by Sarah
 Brightman and Liu Huan during the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing
 Olympics. Tonight is the group’s last night in Beijing as they will 
catch an early flight to Shanghai in the morning, to continue their once in-a-lifetime adventure.

Diary of the Legends of China

The Temple of Heaven, China

*A special three part series from the Legends of China at JSerra

Friday, July 22, 2011

After arriving in China everyone continued their day off with a fun one-hour Chinese lesson in a
 classroom setting and progressed to learn how to write sentences from
 the words they already knew how to write. After that, they visited the
 beautiful and sacred Temple of Heaven, a place where all of the Emperor’s of China would go to worship. The afternoon, had a
 wonderful unparalleled volunteer opportunity with a visit to the Beijing 
Haidian Special Education School. The afternoon was full of joy as the
 children sang “I Believe,” danced, painted, made jewelry, and played 
mini golf and other games with their new American friends.

Everyone in
 the end also danced to the “Cupid Shuffle” and “If You’re Happy and You
 Know It” and exchanged gifts with each other, a truly heartwarming experience for everyone.

 Tomorrow, we will have our China-U.S Voice of the Future Leaders
 Platform which features 500 Chinese students from Beijing’s leading high
 schools to have a discussion and Q&A to discuss global leadership and to 
learn about each other’s perspectives, visions, ideas, cultures, and 

Be sure to check Facebook for a full photo album of the Legends of China after the series.

Legends of China Awarded for Their Volunteerism

The Legends of China Presidential Pioneer Award for high school students were awarded at Mass with ten  recipients, of this leadership award.

Awarded to those who have demonstrated exemplary leadership initiative and have taken significant action as ambassadors of world peace.

Ten JSerra Students received recognition for their work with the Legends of China. Including Elizabeth Evers who is awarded the Superior Award for creating the winning 1st prize in high school category, silk banner, volunteered in the LOC Silk Road to Future Ambassadors of Hope program to teach Chinese students with disabilities and served as an Ambassador of Peace in The Silk Road to the Future program. The silk banner represents global peace and the connection between China and other countries through the silk road.

Courtney Avila, awarded the Excellent Award for presenting a keynote speech on global leadership to 500 top Chinese High School students, volunteered in the LOC Silk Road to Future Ambassadors of Hope program to teach Chinese students with disabilities and served as an Ambassador of Peace in The Silk Road to the Future program.

Ashleigh Luschei also awarded the Excellent Award for presenting a keynote speech on global leadership inspiring students with disabilities that they can become leaders despite their obstacles, volunteered in the LOC Silk Road to Future Ambassadors of Hope program to teach Chinese students with disabilities and served as an Ambassador of Peace in The Silk Road to the Future program.

Also recognized with the bronze medal honors are Riley Houser, Alexa McBride, Michael Salzle, Steven Summers, Savannah Luschei, Ian Farrell and Shanelle Bennet.

Legends of China is a non profit, non governmental organization that strives to build positive relationships between students from the United States and China.  This past year, 10 JSerra students, as the pioneers,  participated in the first Silk Road to the Future program for high schools.

Victoria Moyzis wins first prize in annual Holocaust Art and Writing competition

*Currently running in the O.C. Register

Sally Roisman, born Sally Zielinski in 1930 in Poland, was torn from her family by the German occupation in 1939. Victoria Moyzis, born in 1995 in China, was abandoned on a train as a consequence of the One Child policy.

Historical events broke their families apart. At the 12th annual Holocaust Art and Writing contest at Chapman University on Friday, art brought them together.

The contest invites students to view testimony of Holocaust survivors online, then craft a piece of art or writing based on their impressions.

Entries are accepted from high schools and middle schools nationwide and are judged by a panel of luminaries and intellectuals including Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel. The top two entries in each category are awarded a cash prize, and first prize brings a trip to Washington, D.C.

Victoria Moyzis, McKeagney, and Sally Roisman

Moyzis, a 10th-grader at JSerra Catholic High School, took the $500 first prize in prose writing in the middle school category. She embraced Roisman onstage after the ceremony. In her essay, she wrote about the pain of being separated from family.

“Like Sally, there are so many questions I would like to ask, and so many answers that I will never know,” Moyzis wrote. “The loss and uncertainty about our parents caused by discrimination unites us.”

To read the full story click here.