Diary of the Legends of China

The Temple of Heaven, China

*A special three part series from the Legends of China at JSerra

Friday, July 22, 2011

After arriving in China everyone continued their day off with a fun one-hour Chinese lesson in a
 classroom setting and progressed to learn how to write sentences from
 the words they already knew how to write. After that, they visited the
 beautiful and sacred Temple of Heaven, a place where all of the Emperor’s of China would go to worship. The afternoon, had a
 wonderful unparalleled volunteer opportunity with a visit to the Beijing 
Haidian Special Education School. The afternoon was full of joy as the
 children sang “I Believe,” danced, painted, made jewelry, and played 
mini golf and other games with their new American friends.

Everyone in
 the end also danced to the “Cupid Shuffle” and “If You’re Happy and You
 Know It” and exchanged gifts with each other, a truly heartwarming experience for everyone.

 Tomorrow, we will have our China-U.S Voice of the Future Leaders
 Platform which features 500 Chinese students from Beijing’s leading high
 schools to have a discussion and Q&A to discuss global leadership and to 
learn about each other’s perspectives, visions, ideas, cultures, and 

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