Hurley H20 Hydration Nation

The Rob Machado Foundation and Hurley H2O’s Hydration Nation made an appearance at JSerra’s Homecoming Rally. The organizations came to help the students understand their contribution toward a healthy Earth, emphasizing the need for conservation during the extreme drought California is currently experiencing.

Hydration NationStudents joined in on the fun and staffed the H2O booth to bring awareness to the water issues of our world, standing in front of the organization’s motto, “1 in 6 do not have access to clean water. 5 in 6 can help.”

Hydration NationLegendary surfer, Rob Machado came out during the homecoming rally to speak with the students and teach them about how great of an impact the action that they take today will have on their Earth tomorrow.

Hydration NationThe rally was interactive and fun. Many students helped out at the booth and took pictures to help raise awareness afterwards.

Hydration NationA special thank you the Rob Machado Foundation and Hurley H2O Hydration Nation for making such an impact on our Lions!

Hydration NationWe CAN make a difference!

Hydration NationLion Pride!