College Applications 101

Winter is here! That can only mean one thing for our juniors and seniors, college applications. Now is the time to start working on those essays, applying to the schools of your dreams, and signing up for financial aid. College applications can be stressful and overwhelming, but follow this easy guide and you will be set for success!

Start early and get organized!
You might think you have plenty of time, but those due dates will sneak up on you quicker than you think! Start early, make a plan and stick to it!

Tip: Create a calendar with the schools and their deadlines so you give yourself plenty of time to work ahead.

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Remember, you are more than your test scores!

Colleges are looking to see which students have earned strong grades and high test scores, but they are also trying to learn about your character by seeing what you have done outside of the classroom. Be sure to let your personality shine and take advantage of the application essay to show more of who you really are.

Tip: Create a list of your strongest attributes, your passions and pastimes. Make sure they are included in the essay.

Stay in charge and stay focused.
This is YOUR future! You are in control of how much effort and time you want to put into these applications. Yes, the process is overwhelming, but if you take charge and stay focused you can make it happen.

Tip: Set aside time each day or each week to work down your list. Make it routine!

Shoot for the stars
Don’t skip out on applying for your dream schools because you think you won’t get in. Apply! You may have a better chance than you think. Worst-case scenario, you don’t get in, but at least you know you tried!

Tip: When researching schools, categorize them into an A, B and C list. Put your favorites in the A list and work down your list from there.

JSerra CHS Blog_College Applications 101

You’re not in this alone.
If you are confused about anything remember you have teachers, counselors and staff at JSerra that are here to help. Applying can be confusing and stressful so, if you are ever unsure about something with your application, just ask!

Tip: Make an appointment with your counselor today to get on the right track and to take advantage of all the services that are available from application workshops to scholarships and financial aid support