JSerra Hosts First Sports Broadcasting Camp

Join JSerra’s first sports broadcasting camp held by Paul Higgins, founder of Atheltes In Motion Television (AIM Sports).

Since inception in 1986, Higgins has produced and hosted thousands of hours of sports television programming content for networks like ESPN, ABC, FOX, and The Outdoor Channel. Higgins Pioneered local sports coverage in Orange County and is known for producing positive, safe, and quality sports television for the whole family.

This summer JSerra is offering a sports broadcasting camp, where students will have the opportunity to learn how to do play-by-play announcing, color analyst, field and sideline reporting, studio interviews, and more.

The camp runs from July 9-13, with the option of a morning session from 9 a.m. to noon or an afternoon session from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. with each session for $250.

To register or for more information please contact Karen Testa at ktesta@jserra.org.

A Year-End Message from Incoming Principal Freeh

Dear Friends,

With great excitement and gratitude my wife, Helen, and I look forward to joining the JSerra family and working together with you in continuing to make our school a model of Catholic secondary education.

We had the great privilege and blessing this past week of welcoming into the world our daughter, Theresa Bernice, an event that reminded me of the unique creation that each of us is. To anyone involved in the high and noble calling of educating the young – parents, teachers, coaches and counselors – the birth of a child urges us to reflect anew on the gift and mystery of all human life and to renew our commitment to helping our sons and daughters fulfill the destiny God intends for them.

In living out our commitment to education, the essential quality for each of us is nothing less than love, for love looks attentively at the other, discerns what is most needed, and works diligently towards that end – creatively, patiently and hopefully. As we end the current academic year and look forward to the year to come, may all who teach do so with love, for only through love can we educate those entrusted to our care.

And warm congratulations to the Class of 2012 and to their proud parents. Godspeed to all the graduates: In your future paths, may you share with others the gifts of learning you have received.


John Freeh

Admissions Director Offers Tips to Freshman Parents

As your student approaches high school, their future is priority and it may be hard to keep your student focused. JSerra’s Admissions Director, Andy Sulick offers some tips for your student to help them succeed early in high school.

Advice from parents…of current students

 -Find ways to get on campus this summer!

-Establish clear guidelines when it comes to lap tops and cell phone usage.

-Make time to meet with your freshman counselor, Erin Watson in the summer, she is very helpful and can show you a   four year plan.

-Get very familiar with Edline, it is an effective way for you to hold your student accountable.

– LOVE your kids through these years, that is most important and that is what they need.

JSerra Students Build Homes in Peru

By Ryer Baldridge

The morning of April 6, JSerra’s Peru Club departed from Los Angeles International Airport to Peru on its seventh annual missions trip. Each year, a large group of JSerra students head down to Piura, Peru to lend a   helpful hand.

This year, our JSerra mission’s team set a record of houses built with a whopping 14 homes. The Peru Club was also able to provide dozens of suitcases full of donations including clothes, shoes, sunglasses, and supplies.

The student’s journey to a private school, partly funded by JSerra, to help teach English, play with the students, and donate school supplies.

“It is the best feeling seeing how happy we make these families. That is the best reward of them all,” said a JSerra student.

Join the students next year as they head down to Peru to continue helping those in need.

For more information or to join the JSerra Peru Club, click here.

Lions Go International With a Tale of Two Cities

Left to right: Evan Smith, Cassie Chiusolo, Tia Ferri, Emily Whaley, Caroline Haggarty, Marie Aquilino, Layla Nasr, Fran Bacino, Kylee Fracassi, Kayla Selenski, Saba Sahmoedini, Megan Daggett, Gabriella Sarjeant at Versailles.

For thirteen JSerra sophomores spring break was anything but a spring break. The students visited Paris and London in only a week.

The goal was to make Charles Dickens’ novel A Tale of Two Cities come to life.  We saw Saint Antoine where the peasants suffered oppression and poverty, the Palace of Versailles where the King and Queen lived in spectacular opulence and luxury. The Place De La Concorde where Sydney Carton sacrificed his life on the guillotine, the port of Dover where Lucy discovered her father was still alive. Also, brought to life was the Temple Bar where Charles Darnay was acquitted, and London Bridge where the heads of traitors where placed on stakes.

There were many other highlights of the trip, including attending Easter Mass in Notre Dame Cathedral and seeing a play in London’s West End


A Message from JSerra Counseling

Students if you are you taking the ACT in April or June consider attending the ACT Bootcamp. Learn all the strategy you will need to succeed on the ACT.

Catalyst’s ACT expert will teach you how to decipher the ACT’s seemingly confusing science passages, how to shortcut ACT math questions that stump 90% of test takers, how to zero in on key information in long, tedious, ACT reading passages.

When: Saturday, March 31 and Sunday, April 1 at
9 a.m.-1 p.m. both days – students should attend both sessions.

Where: JSerra Center Room

Session is $165 per student, this includes both sessions.

Visit http://www.CatalystPrep.com or call 800-235-0056 to register. Visit the counseling center for more information, and visit JSerra Counseling on Facebook.

Case Studies Program Opens New Doors

The JSerra Counseling Department hosted its first annual Case Studies Program where the roles were flipped to allow students and parents to experience what it would be like to be an admissions counselor.

Students and parents were broken up into small groups with college representatives from across the country to make admissions decisions on four students. Students and parents received an insider’s view on the admissions process and what they consider when admitting and denying students.

“We all agreed it was a great program and a very worthwhile evening for all of us. The case study exercise, the summary slide presentation, and the opportunity to talk to the various college representatives were interesting and useful in educating us about the application process and the colleges them selves,” one parent stated.

“My children went away with two new colleges added to their list of potential colleges that were not previously under consideration. Thank you for providing such opportunities for us to learn more about how to help our children succeed in getting into the school(s) of their choice.”

Stay tuned for the next Case Studies Program in Spring 2013.

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