Hibbard Sisters Take JSerra to a Green Level

Katie & AndyTwo sisters on a mission for more than six years have finally found success that helps the school and the environment.

Kirsty ’11 and Katie Hibbard have contributed years of service to the school by starting the Environmentality Club. Kirsty started the club at JSerra in 2007.  Ever since then, the Hibbard sisters have worked to rid the campus of Styrofoam products.  This year, the Bistro has gotten rid of most of the Styrofoam products and replaced them with biodegradable ones.  This is a huge step in the right direction of being an environmentally conscious campus.

“On behalf of the Environmentality Club, all the students and faculty, we would like to thank Andy Lord and all his bistro staff for the continued excellent food and for getting Styrofoam off our campus,” said Katie.  “As some of us are not aware, at least ¾ of the oceans garbage is Styrofoam, and now we know at least our JSerra community won’t be adding to it.”

Bring your own water bottle or purchase the JSerra Lion Mug through the Lions Corner, and receive free water in the Bistro.  If you bought water everyday from the bistro, you would spend about $30 per month.  That is the equivalent of 10 slurpees you can purchase from the 7/11. So save yourself some money by bringing your own water bottle or purchasing the JSerra mug for only $10.  Plus, you’re saving the environment from all that plastic.

JSerra Gets Active about the Environment

There are a number of students who strive to protect God’s creations.

The members of the Environmentality Club are a select few of our JSerra students who ensure that JSerra is a place that is environmentally conscious.

Kirsty Hibbard a graduate of the class of 2011, founded the club in her freshmen year at JSerra and her younger sister, Katie Hibbard has since taken on the role as president.

The members are passionate about the environment and conservation.

They found that JSerra did not have any recycling efforts and made it a point to raise awareness throughout campus.  Students have since contributed over 100’s of hours of service to the school by creating recycling receptacles, collecting bottles on a weekly basis from each classroom, and by providing bottles drives throughout the year.

With the money they received from collecting bottles, the Environmentality Club was able to donate two “blue monster” recycling bins to the campus to increase recycling during breaks and lunch.

As a member of the Surfrider Club, the Environmentality Club also participates in local beach cleanups and lobbying efforts such as “Ban the Bag” bill in Sacramento.

For more information regarding the club, please contact the moderator, Olivia Huie at ohuie@jserra.org.