Peru Club President, Kyle Shackleford Shares JSerra Memories

by Kyle Shackleford, Peru Club President

For me, the Peru Trip was one of the most memorable experiences in my high school career. Every spring break, members of the Peru Club travel down to the city of Piura, Peru in order to work out of the local parish, Santisimo Sacramento, to help the local people in whichever way possible.

Kyle Shackleford, helping to build in Peru

During the week, the students partake in several charitable activities within the city. It’s amazing how much we accomplished this year! We built 13 houses for families who essentially didn’t have a home beforehand. We also had the opportunity – with the help of Dr. Heinrich, members of the Pre-Medical Professional Magnet Program, and translator Juan Gutierrez – to open up a free clinic and treat between 20-30 patients a day.

In addition to that we delivered food, clothes, and donations to dozens of families. We were so fortunate to have Fr. Damien with us this year as well! Every day, we had the chance to accompany him in giving communion to the sick and celebrating mass in the local villages. Students also had the chance to assist at the newly founded school that we helped build last year. We taught students English, started a children’s choir, and completed several murals and still-frames.

We visited the local girl’s orphanage, and also had the opportunity to have a movie and pizza night with them. The fact that we were able to accomplish all of this – and more – in such a short period of time was truly remarkable. Anyone who has experienced the Peru Trip will tell you how much of a memorable experience it was. It’s not necessarily the acts themselves of building houses or delivering donations or helping in a clinic that make this trip so memorable; in fact, it’s being a witness to the true love and gratitude these people show for their God and their neighbor despite their impoverished lifestyle. That’s what makes the true impact.

For pictures from the trip click here.