Freshman Orientation Has a New Look for the Class of 2016

By  Taelor Rian, JSerra Intern

Paper lions taped up around campus wear the names of new students and colorful hand painted banners welcome the freshmen class.  JSerra’s halls are bustling and the gym is loud and rowdy with new faces being introduced into the Lion family.

The class of 2016 turned out for freshman orientation with just days before the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year.  As expected, they come with a lot of questions and a little bit of nervousness, but JSerra’s newly formed student group, Link Crew is helping to rid them of their butterflies.

“Our main goal is to make sure Link kids help freshmen adapt well,” said Andrew Lee, a senior exchange student at JSerra and a Link Crew leader.  “We want to help them be more comfortable in a new place.”

This is the first year for the Link Crew, a student group that is helping make Freshman Orientation run smoothly.  Upperclassmen have volunteered their time to link-up with new students and make the freshmen class feel welcome.

Peggy Palsgaard, a Junior said she remembers being a Freshman at JSerra.

“A lot of us didn’t have a lot of friends our Freshman year,” she recalled.

That’s exactly why she is a part of Link Crew, to be a friend to the incoming class.

“Some of them are a little shy,” Peggy said.  “I think they are happy people are interested in helping them.”

New JSerra Lions like Ethan Worden say they are looking forward to what’s to come for the school year.  Ethan will be a kicker for the freshman football team, but it’s more than the field he’s enthusiastic about.  “The academics, it’s a great school and there’s good people,” he says.

“I’m excited about meeting new people,” said Freshman Kelly Tordone.  Kelly is a new member of the pep squad and is looking forward to trying new things.  “I’m excited to Spanish 1, because I’ve never done it before!”

It’s not just the Link Group that is doing their part to welcome, the Freshman Parent’s Coffee was planned by the JSerra Parents Association (JSPA) to make new parents feel at home as well.

Parents of upperclassmen shared their experiences with the parents of the class of 2016 in the hope of introducing them to the JSerra community and also getting them involved.

Stacy von der Linden, treasurer for the JSPA, said her hope for the new parents is unity and “for people to feel part of the school and to feel welcomed.”

All of their effort is working.

Nancy Brady a new JSerra mom.  Her son Nick is about to join the JSerra family as a Freshman and he is bringing about a first to the high school.

“Nick is unique,” she explains.  Her son Nick has Autism and is the first student to have an aid at the school.  Mrs. Brady said, she feels welcomed by teachers, staff, and parents. “We are thankful to the community to be included.  It’s really all about family.”

Welcome to the students and parents of the Class of 2016!

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