Senior year is a whirlwind for both parents and students and when it comes to college planning, it may seem like there are a million things to worry about. With classes, proms, college applications, SATs, and moving away for school, one can easily be overwhelmed. We at JSerra want to insure that we can provide the best knowledge for our students and senior parents!

JSerra CHS Blog_Tips For Senior ParentsIt’s time to get organized, start planning, and kick the college hunt into full gear! With these simple and easy tips, you can make sure that you and your student stay on track.

Start planning!

Start the year off right by taking time with your soon-to-be high school grad to discuss plans and goals they have after they graduate. Start making a list of their top colleges and mark your calendars with application and financial aid (FAFSA) due dates.

Begin the application process.

As we fly into fall, it is important to pay attention to deadlines and due dates. Make sure they sign up as soon as possible for college entrance exams (SATs/ACTs). Help your child stay ahead of the game and encourage them to start their college essays early.

Try to squeeze in a campus visit.

As a high school senior, it is hard to know which school would be the best fit. Try to make it to a couple of your student’s top choices to get a feel for what would be best for them. Thanksgiving break is a perfect time to take a mini vacation and visit schools with the family. Be sure to get a grasp on where your child can live, whether it is in the university dorms, family friends, near-campus apartments, or a future sorority or fraternity house. It is important to know what environment a school’s city can provide.

Keep an eye on the calendar.

As fall quickly turns into winter, make sure to watch those deadlines. Remember to file your income taxes and fill out the financial aid forms. Encourage your student to finish applications early. Keep an eye on the Counseling Events Calendar to know when workshops, practice tests, test dates, college campus visits and more happen. Be sure to support them through this process, it is exhausting for any student. Once they have finished their final application make sure to celebrate!


This can be a stressful time for students and parents, but it is important to enjoy it! This is a great time for parents to get close to their child by supporting them through this crazy time. After your student has finished applications, the wait for acceptance letters begins. Make sure you give your student the freedom and encourage them to choose the school that would best suit them.

JSerra CHS Blog_Tips For Senior ParentsSenior year can be bittersweet. It’s a time to celebrate all that your child has accomplished, but also a time to start preparing and thinking about their future. Don’t stress about the little things, stay organized and enjoy this exciting time of your child’s life.

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