JSerra Students Exhibit Photography in Laguna Pageant of the Masters

student2Ten pieces of student photography will be displayed in the Laguna Pageant of the Masters, the most of any Orange County School.

Each piece was selected by art authorities from thousands of submissions representing schools throughout Orange County. The exhibit has become not only a showcase for new generations of young Orange County student artists but also a vivid testimonial to the value and importance of continuing arts education in our school systems.

Junior, Nikka Contursi will exhibit three photos at the Laguna Pageant of the Masters, the most from any school in the history of the pageant. 
The following students have demonstrated excellence in traditional darkroom skills, alternative processes and digital media:

Connection- Aryanna Hamidi

Playful Lions- Kelsey Testman

Dream Big- Josephine Duran

New Beginning- Zach Woznicki

Face Up- Courtney Vaccher

Insomnia – Nicolette Contursi

Cost was here- Nicolette Contursi

Broguiere’s – Nicolette Contursi

Blind -Courtney Strafeldas

Presentation of Time- Claire Grace

“I’m so proud of all my students and their hard work, this is such an honor,” said Regina Stehney, photography teacher.

The exhibit is now showing through August 31 from 10 a.m. –11:30, at Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach.

Photography Student Art Work on Display at the Laguna Beach Art Museum

The students in JSerra teacher Regina Stehney’s class will be exhibiting their Photography at The Laguna Beach Art Museum.

The opening night reception will take place Saturday, October 29 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. The work will be on exhibit from October 30, 2011 – January 22, 2012.

This show is in conjunction with a great show- Best Kept Secret: UCI and the Development of Contemporary Art in Southern California, 1964-1971 .

JSerra students featured in the Laguna Beach Art Show

Ms. Stehney commented  “I am so proud of all of my students they have learned that hard work and high standards produce excellence in art.” She went on to add  “Their extraordinary works exhibited in this exhibition reveal the creativity and high aspirations of young people. The project they will be showing is about their perception of beauty. The book we created will be on exhibit as well.” Contact Ms. Stehney with questions about the exhibit.


Visual Arts Students Rank Number One in Orange County

Congratulations to JSerra Visual Arts students and teachers. In our largest showing yet in both Imagination Celebration and the Laguna Beach Art Festival Art Shows to date, JSerra had the largest group of students receive notoriety for their hard work. JSerra ranked number one amongst the submissions from other high school’s within the community in the Laguna Beach Art Show as well as in the Imagination Celebration annual festival.

Imagination Celebration is an annual festival of the arts, celebrating creativity for all high school students in Orange County. This festival is presented by Arts Orange County and Orange County Department of Education. It includes performances and visual arts exhibits throughout Orange County, as well as hands on workshops.

JSerra Art students have submitted artwork to the photography show at the Huntington Beach Fine Arts Center, and 31 of our students have been judged and accepted for the show.

Our Drawing and Painting winners include 24 of our artist/students. The Laguna Beach Junior Art exhibit has juried in a total 10 of our students for the show that will run from July 1 through August 31.

You can see the winning 2-D art showcase at:
South Coast Plaza’s Crate and Barrel Mall- May 1st through May 31.

Teachers Jeff Kahl, and Nancy Harrell are proud of their student’s accomplishments in the 2-D categories. With 3 of our students in the 2-D category moving onto the Laguna Beach Festival this summer, it has proved to be a very successful year.

You can see the winning Photography showcase at the Huntington Beach Art Gallery- May 1st through May 31st.,

Mr. Harrell and Mrs. Stehney have a right to be proud of their 31 students who qualified for this exhibit. Mr. Harrell was pleased with the variety of pieces chosen from his classes. Mrs. Stehney was happy to see the pieces from her “What is Beauty” project chosen as well. In addition, students from Mrs. Stehney class will have 7 pieces in the Laguna Beach Art Exhibit.

Great work JSerra Visual Arts students!

To see a complete list of the winning students and their art work please click here.

JSerra Photography Students Win Esteemed Awards in International Competition

JSerra photo competition participants

Congratulations to our JSerra photography students and their teacher Ms. Stehney for their excellence in photography.

This years Photo Imaging Education Association has recognized Samantha Zuck, Halo St. Clair, Keaton Siomkin, Jeremy Hall, Caroline Koss, Kaitlin O’Neill, and Alison Malamud, for there outstanding photography.

This year’s 2011 Photo Imaging Education Association (PIEA) International Student- Teacher Photo Competition, has awarded each student with more than $350 dollars in gift card awards.

The purpose of the competition is to discover and recognize talented students. The competition highlights the creativity, talent, and photography of students and teachers around the world.

This is a rigorously juried show, requiring students and their teachers to demonstrate and maintain high aesthetic standards in photography.

Our students created either digital capture photos, wet darkroom photos, or a portfolio.

Alison Malamud submitted a portfolio and spent hours revising her prints to achieve a high level of professionalism. “It has been and honor to participate in an international competition and see how our students and my work compares to other students around the world,” said Malamud. “I  believe our work is superior and demonstrated outstanding skill in creativity and process.”

Our JSerra students stood above the rest and showed the immense artistic abilities through their outstanding photographs.



Photography Students Turn Classroom Into Darkroom

By Regina Stehney

JSerra’s photography students are making creative pin-hole cameras.10-01 photo2

Out of what?

The classroom! We took the pin-hole project a step further and made the photo room light-tight by blocking out the windows and turned the whole classroom in to a “camera obscura” (dark-room).

In doing so, we actually saw Principal Mr. (Tom) Waszak and CEO Mr. (Frank) Talarico walking on the sidewalk – but they appeared to be upside down and backwards.

Cars on the 405 Freeway South appeared to be going North!

Student Dimitri Koutroulis exclaimed “I did not believe it !! Then I saw the pictures! I am still amazed!  I am so glad I was able to add photography class.”10-1 photo1

We made a “mystery’” 11×14 print of the classroom …everyone stayed still and did not move for four minutes. When it was developed we had captured an eerie hand image, with the class inside of the hand.

That is the beauty of pin-hole photography. You never quite know what image you are going to capture.

Students’ Mural To Be Wrapped Around Egyptian Pyramids

A giant mural created by JSerra Catholic High School students to promote global harmony will be among 5,280 pieces of art from 125 countries wrapped around the Egyptian pyramids during next year’s “The Exhibit of the Century.”

The 5-foot by 12-foot “cyanotype” mural will first travel through major cities of the world as part of the Art Miles Mural project. Created on cloth, the mural was developed through a process that included long exposure to the sun. The students then laid down on the material to make ghost-like impressions of themselves.

“The created mural is a proof of coexistence. What an incredible way to communicate global harmony and peace as a visual collaborative message to the world,” said Regina Stehney, JSerra’s photography teacher.

Added junior Ian Farrell: “The experience helped me learn what it is like to contribute to a large piece of work with others.”

And senior Vincent Villella: “Working together on this international project was an amazing privilege.”

Below are photos of the process – and the artists in front of the mural.

The artists at work
The Artists at Work

Posing in Front of the Mural
Posing in Front of the Mural