JSerra Catholic High School Announces New Choral Director Brian Dehn to Lead Award Winning Choir

*A press release from JSerra Catholic High School

(San Juan Capistrano, CA)–Music instructor and member of the Chorus America, Brian Dehn will now lead JSerra’s Choral Department beginning July 2011.

Dehn, former music instructor at Cornelia Conelly School in Anaheim looks forward to continually building onto the successful program Choral Director Andrew Alvarez has built at JSerra four short years ago.

“I am proud and honored to be chosen to lead JSerra’s Choral Department, I look forward to many great additions and traditions that JSerra has instilled in the Choral program,” said Dehn.

We congratulate and thank Andrew Alvarez, exiting JSerra Choral Director, for his amazing work with the JSerra choir.  Andrew introduced choral music to JSerra and in four short years he built a program that has achieved rave reviews from audiences across the world, including Pope Benedict XVI, has performed in churches in Florence and Rome, including St. Peter’s Basilica, has won regional and national choral festivals and competitions, and brought great prestige and pride to JSerra.

“Due to Andrew’s great work he leaves a program that is highly acclaimed and one that has attracted the attention of other choral directors,” said Frank Talarico, JSerra President and CEO. “As a result, we are blessed to have strong interest from very talented choir directors who are excited about the opportunity to fill some big shoes left by Andrew’s departure. Brian possesses the expertise, experience, and vision to lead the JSerra choral program on the path of continued success established by Andrew Alvarez.  We are very fortunate to have found someone with Brian’s skill set to take over one of JSerra’s strongest and most valued programs.”

Dehn comes to JSerra with an extensive musical background from Chapman University in Orange, CA. Completing his Bachelors of Music in conducting, vocal performance and music education Dehn comes from Corneila Connelly School in Anaheim as their lead music instructor for the past 7 years.


About JSerra Choral Department

In four short years JSerra built a Choral program that has achieved rave reviews from audiences around the world, including Pope Benedict XVI. The JSerra Choral program has performed in churches in Florence and Rome, including St. Peter’s Basilica, and has won regional and national choral festivals and competitions, and brought great prestige and pride to JSerra. For more, visit www.jserra.org.


About JSerra Catholic High School

Just eight years old, JSerra Catholic High School is quickly becoming one of the region’s top university preparatory institutions. Its graduates include National Merit Scholarship winners, Ivy League university students and Division I collegiate athletes. Located in San Juan Capistrano, the school features $110-million facilities, including a state-of-the-art $40 million athletic complex. For more, visit www.jserra.org.


Greetings From Siena

“Saluti Da Siena!”

I had the great pleasure of hearing our very own JSerra Choir sing as 
the featured choir at the 10:00 AM mass at the historic–and
magnificent–Duomo in Siena.  The Duomo is a beautiful Marian cathedral,
having been dedicated to the Assumption of Our Blessed Virgin Mary.

We were honored to have Father Vincent’s confer, Father Martin celebrate
mass. Father Martin, a Norbertine father who formerly taught at Mater
Dei and Santa Margarita high schools, is in residence in Tuscany until

For those who have never visited–it’s definitely worth the trip!  The
Duomo is an excellent example of Gothic architecture and art. Records of
earliest masses at the Duomo date back to 1215 AD. Our mass today was
celebrated in the private sacristy chapel.

The Duomo has many notable features. From its facade to its pulpit each
is more impressive than the last. We could not help but be in awe of the 
Duomo’s inlaid marble mosaic floor. Artistically depicting gorgeous
images from the Old Testament,  the Sibyls, and virtues, the inlay
covers the whole floor of the cathedral.

Equally impressive were the young men and women of the JSerra Choir.
Under the extraordinary direction of Mr Andrew Alvarez, the choir was
simply magnificent. Immediately following mass, the choir treated
friends and family as well as the Duomo’s visitors to a special concert
in front of the Duomo’s main altar. Visitors making the pilgrimage to
the Duomo Di Siena had no idea the treat they’d be enjoying when they
arrived. Of course, the rest of us who have enjoyed the talented group
of JSerra’s best and brightest were proud that they had “outdone
themselves again!”

Addio, per ora!


Click here to hear the choir firsthand.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Italy, as we will be posting special entries throughout the trip.