Eight Times to Kids 4 Kids

*Special post by Principal Waszak

Many thanks to all who all who attended and supported the Kids 4 Kids Party last night.  In particular I would like to recognize Bridget for coordinating the annual party.  In addition to organizing the care packages for over 40 Marine families at Camp Pendleton she organizes the Kids 4 Kids party.  To support her there are dozens of JSerra students (led by Frankie Bastone), staff (Pat, MVT, Orlando) and JSPA (Linda Pfost) who help with the event.  This year over 100 students from Marco Forester School in San Juan attended the eighth annual Kids 4 Kids party hosted by JSerra students.  The young people who are invited to attend are identified by a community support program operating in San Juan and sponsored by Mission Hospital. The program supports the educational and social needs of young people who may be at risk due to economic challenges faced by their families.  Spending time with these students reminds you about how blessed we are materially.  It brings joy to the young people who attend the party.  They played games, got their face painted and nails made up, built a ginger bread house, enjoyed a great dinner, danced, danced and danced, received a gift and left with a big smile on their face.   Our guests are not the only ones who benefit.  Our students learn something about the joy of giving.

Thank you Bridget!