Alumnus Named to the Gonzaga University Leadership Program

Sarah_DavidAfter a selective admissions process alumnus Sarah David (’12) has been selected as one of only 42 students chosen for Gonzaga University’s esteemed Comprehensive Leadership Program.

The program vetted through hundreds of applicants with numerous talents and a wealth of experiences to continue the tradition of studying leadership with an intellectual and ethical fervor.

David’s class of 2016 leadership team is encompassed of students from around the world including Alaska, California, and Thailand. “The interplay between the academic undertakings and leadership development promises to provide each student with further insight and skills to utilize in their endeavors at Gonzaga and in their professional careers,” stated a press release from the University.

Over the next three years in this leadership studies program, students will be challenged in new ways to understand themselves, their world, and their role in being leaders for others.

The Comprehensive Leadership Program at Gonzaga is a three-year program designed to offer students curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities to develop knowledge and skills for leadership.

Gonzaga University Chooses JSerra Senior as Finalist


Gonzaga University announces their finalists for the Ignatian Leaders Scholarship award, choosing JSerra senior, Sarah David as a top 40 finalist.

“I am so proud I was selected as a finalist and consider this an honor. I look forward to doing my very best in the competition and am excited that I will be able to interact with the students and faculty at this great school,” said David.

The finalist competition will be held March 10 at Gonzaga University with each finalist evaluated through a series or events that are left unknown until each finalist arrives for the competition weekend.

Each recipient of the scholarship will receive $5,000 a year while they are a student at Gonzaga.

The Ignatian Leaders Scholarship recipients will be honored at a reception in the Fall of 2012, hosted by the President of the University, the Dean of Admissions, the Director of the Ignatian Leaders Scholarship Competition and the Director or the Comprehensive Leadership Program.

“We are very pleased to extend this invitation to Gonzaga University for the ILS weekend,” said Michael Sass, director of ILSP. 

*Congratulations to Sarah David as she has been awarded the Ignatian Leaders Scholarship.

Congratulations To The 2010 Underclassmen Award Winners

Each year, JSerra recognizes the stellar achievements of our 9-11 grade students at the annual Underclassmen Awards. The awards are presented at an all-school assembly in early June. On June 7, ten awards were given to 22 outstanding JSerra students. Congratulations to the recipients:

College Book Awards:
Shannon Brady, junior, Princeton University
Haleigh Cummings, junior, University of Nebraska

Christian Service Certificates:
Eddie Pruette and Courtney Avila, juniors
Trent Boice and Shea O’Reilly, sophomores
Hunter Kempf and Danielle White, freshmen

CEO Lion Challenge
Parker Wells, freshman

Faculty Award:
Jeremy Hall and Chloe Kempf, juniors
Danielle Perazzo and Sarah David, sophomores
John Shaver and Vanessa Zuck, freshmen

Class Award:
Michael Portillo and Shannon Brady, juniors
Greg Poré and Heather Rosen, sophomores
Sachin Govil and Rebecca Millard, freshmen

Gillian Marie Sabet Scholarship Award
Katie Linehan, junior

Athlete of the year:
Jonathan Schaefer, junior
Sydney Teske, senior

Check back in the coming days for features on some of our award winners and information on what each award means.