Surviving the Second Half of Senior Year (Senioritis)

Seniors! Your time here at JSerra is coming to an end as you are in the last semester of your senior year. We understand there are so many emotions involved with this part of your life. You are about to graduate high school, you are finishing up with your last high school courses, and your family is so proud and excited for your next adventure.

With being a senior one often comes down with Senioritis! This is the academic sickness making those infected less motivated and stricken with an inability to focus on their semester tasks as it is coming to an end.

JSerra CHS Blog_Senioritis

Here are some tips to combat avoid this plague and defeat if you happen to be struck with Senioritis:

Keep Up the Hard Work
Although you may have received a college acceptance letter, this doesn’t mean it is now the time to start falling behind in your classes. At the end of the year, you still have to submit your transcripts to the school you decide to attend in the fall. If your grades slip too much, colleges may revoke your admissions offer. Even with too many unexcused absences, this could lead to you failing a course. Keep up the hard work and strive for the academic excellence that makes the Lion Nation proud! And, don’t forget to complete all of the necessary requirements for graduation, like those service hours!

Apply for Scholarships
Since it is second semester of senior year, some of your classes may not have a lot of new material left. If you find yourself having more time on your hands instead of homework, use this time to apply for scholarships. Many scholarships are academic based and require an essay of some sort. This will keep you motivated in the classroom as well as you will be able to hone your writing abilities – a much needed skill in college and beyond.

Savor the Here & Now
Take it all in. After all, this will be the last time you will do many familiar things. This is the last time it will be so easy to hang out with your friends at your spot for lunch because once you all go off to colleges across the country, you will only have breaks to spend time with each other. Take the time to let your teammates know you appreciate them. This is the last year you will be on the team. Talk to your favorite teacher and thank them for everything they have done for you in your high school career. Make a list of a few of things you and your friends said you always wanted to do or try at JSerra. Then make it a goal of doing one each week! Make sure you are there enjoying every last minute of being the Big Dogs on Campus before embarking on your new adventure.

JSerra CHS Blog_Senioritis

With these three tips you can combat Senioritis! You all have worked so hard during your years here at JSerra. Keep up the hard work lions! The end is insight!

Lion Pride!