JSerra Theater Department Heads to Scotland for Nationally Acclaimed Festival

Theater*A Press Release from JSerra Catholic High School

JSerra Catholic High School’s Theater Department have been nominated by the South Coast Reparatory to perform in Scotland.

JSerra was chosen to participate after a rigorous selection process involving a review by the American High School Theatre Festival’s Board of Advisors and a group of renowned college theatre professionals.

“I am so thrilled that our students have been given this opportunity to showcase their talents on a larger, global stage. I am very proud of Deborah Marley, our students and our department,” said JSerra Fine Arts Director Nancy Harrell.

Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh plays host to the largest arts festival in the world. The Fringe Festival, which takes place every August for three weeks, features performances from around the globe.

“To be recognized by the American High School Theatre Festival in my first year with JSerra is a great honor. I have been blessed by a very talented and dedicated group of students who invest so much into their work. It truly is a pleasure to instruct and direct them,” said JSerra Theatre Director Deborah Marley. “We have the chance to bring our work to the world stage is beyond any of our imaginations. The JSerra actors will get a once in a life time chance to perform in front of thousands of people and take part in the best theatre festival in the world.

The students will travel to Scotland in August of 2014 to perform a play of their choice, on the world stage at The Fringe Festival.

The theatre department is currently performing Alice in Wonderland in the JSerra Black Box Theatre. Performance dates are May 10-12, tickets may be purchased at the cashier’s office.

JSerra Theater Nominated by the America High School Theatre Festival for Opportunity to Perform in Scotland

ahstf-american-high-school-theatre-festival-85174183*A press release from JSerra Catholic High School

The America High School Theatre Festival (AHSTF) nominates JSerra Catholic High School’s production of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap for The Fringe Theater summer performances.

Out of thousands of applications, the AHSTF annually chooses only ten high schools in the country to compete in the prestigious Festival.

“I am thrilled to have our wonderful production of The Mousetrap and the theater program here at JSerra recognized for our work. I am incredibly proud of the student actors who commit so much of their time and sacrifice so much to be involved in a production. It is rewarding to see all of our hard work and dedication be honored,” said Deborah Marley, JSerra Theater Director.

The high school with the winning performance from the festival will move on to perform in Edinburgh, Scotland, at The Fringe Festival. The group that moves on to Scotland will have the opportunity to perform a play of their choice four times on the main stages. The group will also take professional masters classes while in Scotland.

The premier festival attracts professional actors and theater companies alike.

“JSerra is honored to be acknowledged by this wonderful organization. I am so happy that our students’ efforts and hard work, and that of our theater teacher Deb Marley, have been given recognition through this great opportunity in Theater Arts,” said Nancy Harrell, JSerra Artist-in-Residence Director.