Make a Wish Comes True for JSerra Freshman Tim Vorenkamp

Tim Vorenkamp with the U.S. National Men’s Volleyball Team
By Michelle Valles and Dave Douglass, NBC News

After recently hosting the U.S National men’s volleyball team at the JSerra Pavilion, the team took some time to meet with freshman Tim Vorenkamp. Read the touching story of a young man’s battle and future below.

It’s a day 15-year-old Tim Vorenkamp or his family won’t forget.

Thanks to the Orange County/Inland Empire Make-a-Wish Foundation, Tim, his parents and litte brother were able to attend the London Olympics to hang out with the U.S. men’s volleyball team.

Some members of the team were on hand  at an Anaheim restaurant as the foundation made the teenager’s dream come true.

“It’s just amazing to be with people that you watch on TV and that you want to become when you’re older,” Vorenkamp said.

Tim has a rare form of cancer. He was 13 years old when he found a lump on his leg.

At the time, he was competing in the USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championship division. He’s now in remission but there is a 40 percent chance that the cancer will come back.

“He will never give up,” said his father.

“They asked me how is it to get to here as a mom when your child has cancer. There’s no words to describe it,” said his mother, Petra Vorenkamp.

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