Commute Time Is More Time!

The school year is a busy time for many students. And as parents, your schedules are often impacted with different tasks, work, or things to do for the family. Many parents often struggle finding time to spend with their kids. If you commute with your kids, it is MORE time with your kids. This commute time is often wasted and just spent in silence, listening to music or passengers playing on mobile devices. Don’t know what to talk about? Whether your commute is 5 minutes or 30, here’s a few topic ideas to chat with your son or daughter on that drive to and from school! 

JSerra CHS_Commute Time

To School:

Talk about School:
Ask your child what they have going on for their day. Maybe they have a huge exam or are worried about a speech they have to give. By talking to them about it you are giving them a chance to release any stress or worry they may have. You are also showing them that you are always there for them. 

Talk about their Favorite Class:
This is another chance for you to learn a lot about your child. By their response to their favorite class, you can see the different things that interest them. If your child likes English, you can guess that they like to read and then talk about their favorite genre for books. This conversation starter can be a gateway into other conversations that will allow you to learn more about your child!

JSerra CHS_Commute Time

From School:

Ask about their Friends:
Since both of you have busy schedules, ask about your son or daughter’s friends. You can learn a lot about your child by who they associate with. If you personally know one of their friends, ask about them. It shows your child that you are interested in their life and what they are doing.

Talk About Their Day:
This is a topic that you can talk about for quite some time. A lot can happen in your student’s day that can be an impactful learning experience for both of you. Don’t let them get away with saying nothing? Ask about classes, friends, sports or activities. What was one thing that made them smile during the day?

JSerra CHS_Commute Time

Driving in the car with your child can be a valuable time where you can chat with your son or daughter and learn a lot about them and what they are up to. But, don’t forget to share about your day, too. Asking for your child’s feedback on problems you are tackling or projects you are working on is a win-win. You are able to provide insight into all that you do and are passionate about while showing your teen that you value their input and life experience, also.

Don’t let the commute time be wasted time. Talk to your child; take this time to bond with and learn about them! You can take this time to grow your relationship.

Lion Pride!